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[4.9] Switch gcc-4.9 to use google/gcc-4_9 branch.
This source drop uses svn version r212828 of google/gcc-4.9 branch. We also cherry-picked r213062, r213063 and r213064 to fix windows build issues. All gcc-4.9 patches before July 3rd are ported to google/gcc-4.9. The following prior commits has not been merged to google branch yet. (They are included in this commit). e7af147f979e657fe2df00808e5b4319b0e088c6, baf87df3cb2683649ba7e9872362a7e721117c23, and c231900e5dcc14d8296bd9f62b45997a49d4d5e7. Change-Id: I4bea3ea470387ff751c2be4cb0d4a12059b9299b
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+++ b/gcc-4.9/gcc/config/aarch64/iterators.md
@@ -396,14 +396,15 @@
(SI "SI") (HI "HI")
(QI "QI")])
-;; Define container mode for lane selection.
-(define_mode_attr VCOND [(V4HI "V4HI") (V8HI "V4HI")
+;; 64-bit container modes the inner or scalar source mode.
+(define_mode_attr VCOND [(HI "V4HI") (SI "V2SI")
+ (V4HI "V4HI") (V8HI "V4HI")
(V2SI "V2SI") (V4SI "V2SI")
(DI "DI") (V2DI "DI")
(V2SF "V2SF") (V4SF "V2SF")
(V2DF "DF")])
-;; Define container mode for lane selection.
+;; 128-bit container modes the inner or scalar source mode.
(define_mode_attr VCONQ [(V8QI "V16QI") (V16QI "V16QI")
(V4HI "V8HI") (V8HI "V8HI")
(V2SI "V4SI") (V4SI "V4SI")
@@ -412,15 +413,6 @@
(V2DF "V2DF") (SI "V4SI")
(HI "V8HI") (QI "V16QI")])
-;; Define container mode for lane selection.
-(define_mode_attr VCON [(V8QI "V16QI") (V16QI "V16QI")
- (V4HI "V8HI") (V8HI "V8HI")
- (V2SI "V4SI") (V4SI "V4SI")
- (DI "V2DI") (V2DI "V2DI")
- (V2SF "V4SF") (V4SF "V4SF")
- (V2DF "V2DF") (SI "V4SI")
- (HI "V8HI") (QI "V16QI")])
;; Half modes of all vector modes.
(define_mode_attr VHALF [(V8QI "V4QI") (V16QI "V8QI")
(V4HI "V2HI") (V8HI "V4HI")