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* Revert "replace prebuilt ecj with ecj from Debian"HEADreplicant-6.0-0004-transitionreplicant-6.0-0004-rc6replicant-6.0-0004replicant-6.0Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli2021-08-104-8/+1
* Bump Java version to fix the build under Trisquel 9Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli2021-08-1013-20/+20
* replace prebuilt ecj with ecj from Debianreplicant-6.0-0004-rc5-transitionreplicant-6.0-0004-rc5replicant-6.0-0004-rc4replicant-6.0-0004-rc3replicant-6.0-0004-rc2replicant-6.0-0004-rc1replicant-6.0-0003replicant-6.0-0002replicant-6.0-0001Wolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-12-114-1/+8
* Update Ecj to 4.5M7mikaelpeltier2016-12-117-4/+19
* Guava build fixes for Java 8Wolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-12-092-9/+87
* Remove useless generics in method dealing with library enumsJean-Marie Henaff2016-12-097-30/+35
* move dexcomparator output in jack_jill build dirWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-02-081-3/+3
* remove prebuilt antlr and use antlr from Debian insteadWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-02-087-81/+5
* ignore the parser outputWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-02-081-0/+6
* move build dirs out of repoWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-02-082-64/+66
* add template for build dirWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-01-291-0/+95
* remove antlr-runtime binariesWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-01-2867-0/+0
* get simple jars directly from their out dirsWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-01-281-7/+3
* simple: adapt dependencies for Debian JessieWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-01-287-21/+7
* remove dependency on jack prebuilts from dist targetWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-01-283-1/+1
* remove junit jarsWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-01-284-0/+0
* use ddmlib and freemarker from systemWolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-01-285-9/+3
* Merge "When obfuscating, drop local var debug info" into ub-jack-brestBenoit Lamarche2015-07-201-5/+10
| * When obfuscating, drop local var debug infoBenoit Lamarche2015-07-201-5/+10
* | Do not emit debug info for synthetic variables coming from JillBenoit Lamarche2015-07-201-1/+7
* Bump version to 1.1-mr2Jean-Marie Henaff2015-07-103-6/+6
* Remove Jack server task dir before creating itJean-Philippe Lesot2015-07-091-0/+1
* Remove KnownIssue that is not neededmikaelpeltier2015-07-091-2/+0
* Remove unused definition only for synthetic variablesmikaelpeltier2015-07-094-1/+103
* Bump version to 1.1-mr1Jean-Marie Henaff2015-07-033-6/+6
* Bump version to 1.1Jean-Marie Henaff2015-07-033-9/+9
* Close FileInputStream in TokenIteratorJean-Philippe Lesot2015-07-021-29/+90
* Update VersionTestmikaelpeltier2015-06-261-8/+31
* Merge "Add isComparable method into Version" into ub-jack-brestmikaelpeltier2015-06-251-6/+7
| * Add isComparable method into Versionmikaelpeltier2015-06-251-6/+7
* | Now switchEnumSupport save the int[] to the synthetic fieldmikaelpeltier2015-06-251-0/+2
* Update version comparisonmikaelpeltier2015-06-251-8/+6
* Fix LOCAL_MODULE_CLASS for jack-no-server in AndroidJean-Marie Henaff2015-06-251-1/+1
* Add missing dependency to acp in Android.mkJean-Marie Henaff2015-06-251-1/+1
* Add missing packaging in Android.mkJean-Marie Henaff2015-06-251-0/+8
* Fix error messages of dist-check ant targetJean-Marie Henaff2015-06-251-2/+2
* Move Version to schedlibYohann Roussel2015-06-2511-147/+595
* Add version update in property files and scripts in build.xmlJean-Marie Henaff2015-06-257-39/+65
* Update prebuilts of simpleframeworkmikaelpeltier2015-06-245-9/+6
* Add simpleframework source filesmikaelpeltier2015-06-24380-0/+76677
* Remove assertion status from Jack sanity checksJean-Marie Henaff2015-06-24135-579/+143
* Bump version to 1.1-rc5Jean-Marie Henaff2015-06-196-10/+10
* Check for source sub-file existence in CommonFilterBenoit Lamarche2015-06-191-2/+9
* Update path of jpp file used by MultiDex testsmikaelpeltier2015-06-191-2/+2
* Merge "Exclude a Phantom test from Jill toolchain" into ub-jack-brestJean-Philippe Lesot2015-06-181-1/+3
| * Exclude a Phantom test from Jill toolchainBenoit Lamarche2015-06-181-1/+3
* | Merge "Declare CLI api and let Jack implement it" into ub-jack-brestJean-Philippe Lesot2015-06-186-1/+257
|\ \
| * | Declare CLI api and let Jack implement itYohann Roussel2015-06-186-1/+257
* | | Fix FileConflictTests, againBenoit Lamarche2015-06-181-8/+3
| |/ |/|
* | Merge "Add jack* resource files" into ub-jack-brestJean-Marie Henaff2015-06-182-1/+37
|\ \