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* changes: backport fix for PR65735 backport patch to fix PR65177 backport patch to fix PR65048 backport patch for PR 64878: do not jump thread across more than one back-edge port revision 219584 from linaro/gcc-4_9-branch
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@@ -10442,6 +10442,18 @@ is greater or equal to this number, use callbacks instead of inline checks.
E.g. to disable inline code use
@option{--param asan-instrumentation-with-call-threshold=0}.
+@item max-fsm-thread-path-insns
+Maximum number of instructions to copy when duplicating blocks on a
+finite state automaton jump thread path. The default is 100.
+@item max-fsm-thread-length
+Maximum number of basic blocks on a finite state automaton jump thread
+path. The default is 10.
+@item max-fsm-thread-paths
+Maximum number of new jump thread paths to create for a finite state
+automaton. The default is 50.
@end table
@end table