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* power: Support power profiles on legacy platformsMichael Bestas2019-10-231-0/+88
* power: msm8916: Drop MIN_FREQ tweak for 8939nico2019-10-231-40/+2
* power: Handle launch and interaction hints for legacy platformsMichael Bestas2019-10-231-12/+104
* power: Use declared enums where possibleMichael Bestas2019-10-231-1/+1
* power: Clean up and fix set_interactive_overrideMichael Bestas2019-10-231-11/+6
* power: Clean up and fix video encode/decode hint handlingMichael Bestas2019-10-231-2/+0
* power: Find online CPU core and get scaling governornico2019-10-231-10/+3
* power: Compile with -Wall -Wextra -WerrorMichael Bestas2019-10-231-1/+1
* power: msm8916: Code clean updianlujitao2019-10-231-15/+5
* power: fix sysfs_read/sysfs_write usageCorinna Vinschen2019-10-231-4/+4
* power: Use ARRAY_SIZE macro where possibleZhao Wei Liew2019-10-231-3/+3
* power: Cache SOC ID checks for future queriesZhao Wei Liew2019-10-231-6/+5
* power: Add back display_boost checksZhao Wei Liew2019-10-231-1/+0
* power: Simplify display_hint_sentZhao Wei Liew2019-10-231-13/+4
* power: Simplify soc_id checksZhao Wei Liew2019-10-231-82/+66
* power: Use is_interactive_governor/is_schedutil_governorEthan Chen2019-10-231-8/+4
* power: Remove leftover support for msm-dcvs governorMichael Bestas2019-10-231-6/+0
* power: clang-formatMichael Bestas2019-10-231-117/+102
* power: Remove unused arg from power_hint_override/set_interactive_overrideRashed Abdel-Tawab2019-10-231-3/+2
* power: Fix to handle min freq changes when CPU cores hotplugged.Nikhil Kumar Kansal2019-10-231-17/+42
* power: Changed the minfreq to 400Mhz for display off scenario.vaibhav bhalla2019-10-231-0/+205