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* resolved conflicts for merge of 13ef17a3 to mnc-dr-devHyunyoung Song2015-07-221-1/+1
* Some resource fixes for drop targetSunny Goyal2014-10-231-12/+8
* Removing all traces of Market button and TabIndicatorSunny Goyal2014-10-171-7/+0
* Updating Tablet clings. (Bug 11973614)Winson Chung2014-01-161-32/+0
* Fixing drop targets in phone / small tablet landscape (issue 12192781)Adam Cohen2014-01-141-5/+0
* Removed paddingStart and paddingEnd when they are the same.Yura2014-01-071-6/+6
* Revert "Revert "Move wallpaper picker code to a separate directory""Michael Jurka2013-12-111-6/+0
* Revert "Move wallpaper picker code to a separate directory"Michael Jurka2013-12-101-0/+6
* Move wallpaper picker code to a separate directoryMichael Jurka2013-12-101-6/+0
* Add translucent bar attributes to sw720dp values override.John Spurlock2013-10-121-0/+2
* Initial changes to restore AllApps.Winson Chung2013-09-051-18/+0
* Improve wallpaper croppingMichael Jurka2013-08-291-4/+0
* Initial Changes for Dynamic GridWinson Chung2013-08-201-50/+0
* Add first RTL support to LauncherFabrice Di Meglio2013-01-231-18/+18
* Don't use text shadows inside folders and all appsMichael Jurka2013-01-101-0/+4
* Removing debugging background.Winson Chung2012-08-091-1/+0
* Initial changes for new 10inch layout.Winson Chung2012-08-081-11/+4
* New small/large screen division for Launcher.Andrew Flynn2012-02-291-0/+167