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* Handle duplicated tags in the Exif testEarl Ou2012-10-183-15/+27
* Print image path for exception in Exif testEarl Ou2012-10-183-148/+168
* Merge "Make original exif test pass with the exiftool ground truth" into gb-u...Hung-ying Tyan2012-10-173-20/+45
| * Make original exif test pass with the exiftool ground truthEarl Ou2012-10-183-20/+45
* | Merge "Read exif test images from the external storage of the test package" i...Hung-ying Tyan2012-10-166-76/+166
| * Read exif test images from the external storage of the test packageEarl Ou2012-10-176-76/+166
* | am ff025412: Merge "Revert "Revert "Upload screennails in tiles to prevent ja...Owen Lin2012-10-151-0/+2
|\ \
| * \ Merge "Revert "Revert "Upload screennails in tiles to prevent jank""" into gb...Owen Lin2012-10-151-0/+2
| |\ \
| | * | Revert "Revert "Upload screennails in tiles to prevent jank""Owen Lin2012-10-111-0/+2
* | | | am a38801ed: Merge "Fix build" into gb-ub-photos-archesJohn Reck2012-10-152-0/+4
|\| | | | |_|/ |/| |
| * | Fix buildJohn Reck2012-10-152-0/+4
| |/
* / Use exiftool as ground truth for Exif API testEarl Ou2012-10-123-109/+97
* Revert "Upload screennails in tiles to prevent jank"Bart Sears2012-10-061-2/+0
* Upload screennails in tiles to prevent jankOwen Lin2012-10-051-0/+2
* Fix build break in testsGeorge Mount2012-10-041-0/+2
* Tests for ExifDataEarl Ou2012-09-197-26/+304
* Simplify the usage of ExifDataEarl Ou2012-09-192-4/+4
* Rearrange the constants in ExifTagEarl Ou2012-09-062-14/+14
* Remove the parameter of getAllExifTags() in IfdDataEarl Ou2012-08-311-1/+1
* ExifOutputStreamEarl Ou2012-08-302-0/+78
* Redesign the set function of ExifTagEarl Ou2012-08-302-6/+6
* Merge "Read thumbnail into ExifData" into gb-ub-photos-archesHung-ying Tyan2012-08-261-1/+57
| * Read thumbnail into ExifDataEarl Ou2012-08-271-1/+57
* | Ongoing reskin of Gallery appBobby Georgescu2012-08-241-1/+1
* Re-design ExifParser for some strange Exif headerEarl Ou2012-08-243-346/+136
* A simple ExifReader and its testEarl Ou2012-08-154-80/+263
* Merge "First gallery reskin iteration." into gb-ub-photos-archesBobby Georgescu2012-08-101-0/+1
| * First gallery reskin iteration.Bobby Georgescu2012-08-091-0/+1
* | Check if the ExifParser paser every part in the testEarl Ou2012-08-081-2/+27
* | ignore uncompressed thumbnail when test exif thumbnailEarl Ou2012-08-081-0/+6
* | Handle error when string length=0 in IfdParserEarl Ou2012-08-081-6/+2
* 1. add interoperability ifd in exif test and 2. add some logEarl Ou2012-08-071-4/+52
* Change Thumbnail test for ExifParser when there is no thumbnail or thumbnail'...Earl Ou2012-08-071-20/+6
* Use hex to represent unknown type and byte type for ExifParser debuggingEarl Ou2012-08-071-3/+8
* 1. Use xml to record true data for ExifParserTest 2. A ExifTestRunnerEarl Ou2012-08-072-80/+149
* use InstrumentationTestCase for ExifParserTestEarl Ou2012-08-061-2/+2
* Remove TYPE_SUB_IFD for next() in IfdParserEarl Ou2012-08-061-31/+29
* Check number of exif tag in testEarl Ou2012-08-061-0/+12
* Test read thumbnailEarl Ou2012-08-061-10/+68
* Test only keep some exif tags for valueEarl Ou2012-08-011-0/+32
* Test skip to next ifd in ExifParserTestEarl Ou2012-08-011-0/+25
* ExifParserTestEarl Ou2012-08-011-0/+267
* Fix build.Owen Lin2012-05-221-1/+1
* Add a new state uploading to UploadedTexture.Owen Lin2012-05-221-14/+14
* Use View.setSystemUiVisibility to enter/leave lights-out mode.Chih-Chung Chang2012-05-172-0/+2
* Add freeze/unfreeze for GLRootView.Chih-Chung Chang2012-05-102-0/+4
* Better orientation change handling.Chih-Chung Chang2012-05-082-2/+10
* Add support to draw on texture.Owen Lin2012-05-021-0/+2
* Support drawing in different orientation in Gallery.Chih-Chung Chang2012-04-302-0/+2
* Remove Position and PositionRepository.Owen Lin2012-04-021-2/+0