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* Save EXIF info to cropped picasa image with the new EXIF lib.Earl Ou2012-08-311-2/+2
* Support querying account and picasa id of a picasa image.Owen Lin2011-12-141-0/+8
* Fix 5685925: Handle PACKAGE_CHANGED intent (when a package is enabled/disabled)Chih-Chung Chang2011-11-301-0/+2
* Show a dialog to require updating PlusOne.Owen Lin2011-11-241-5/+10
* Fix 5481444 Face clustering should use PWA profile shot instead of random photoRay Chen2011-11-111-0/+5
* Fix 5250813 Use new standardized no account screen on first launchRay Chen2011-10-061-0/+3
* Copy exif data for cropped image.Owen Lin2011-09-071-0/+3
* Initial code for Gallery2.Owen Lin2011-08-182-0/+148