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* Remove unused menu indicators code.Danny Baumann2019-10-251-1/+0
* Fix for mis-placed camera controlsDoris Liu2013-10-131-18/+0
* Correct initial orientation of camera controlsDoris Liu2013-10-111-0/+18
* Fix layout and preview for tabletsMichael Kolb2013-05-011-1/+2
* Update capture animationMichael Kolb2013-05-011-0/+2
* Copy camera resources into Gallery2Michael Kolb2013-01-291-0/+23
* Fix UI stuffnicolasroard2012-10-171-0/+20
* Fix b/5974240: Sliders may not be responsive to touches.Yuli Huang2012-04-021-4/+6
* Fix b/5403449.Yuli Huang2011-10-181-0/+1
* Fix UI.Yuli Huang2011-10-131-1/+1
* Replace slider assets and fix save-share-button height.Yuli Huang2011-10-061-1/+1
* Fix b/5375999: replace effect thumbnails.Yuli Huang2011-10-041-4/+5
* Fix b/5317371 to make action-bar consistent with framework CAB.Yuli Huang2011-10-041-14/+7
* Fix b/5182741: Add 'Edit' title in the action-bar.Yuli Huang2011-09-141-1/+1
* Fix b/4643148: Make PhotoEditor integrated into Gallery.Yuli Huang2011-09-131-0/+42