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* snap: Panorama fixesSteve Kondik2016-11-221-6/+0
* snap: UI checkpoint #2Steve Kondik2016-11-131-2/+3
* SnapdragonCamera: The alert dialog's rotation is not rightlikaid2015-03-261-0/+73
* Snapdragon: Fix orientation of Prepare panorama dialogByunghun Jeon2015-02-251-0/+29
* Show a preview cover until real preview is readyDoris Liu2013-10-151-0/+6
* Fix SRI upside down preview in reverse landscape and reverse portraitDoris Liu2013-10-141-3/+2
* Workaround to disable swiping for SRI during captureDoris Liu2013-10-091-0/+1
* Bring back wide angle panorama.Angus Kong2013-09-041-0/+26