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# The Chromium mess meets Android
-Proposals on how to get a fully free WebView build or replace it by something
+Proposals on how to get a fully free WebView build or replace it with something
completely new.
## What is WebView?
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\title[The Chromium mess meets Android]{The Chromium mess meets Android}
-\subtitle{Proposals on how to get a fully free WebView build or replace it by something completely new}
+\subtitle{Proposals on how to get a fully free WebView build or replace it with something completely new}
\author{David Ludovino \and Jeremy Rand \thanks{\footnotesize with support from Andrés D and Kurtis Hanna}}
@@ -144,14 +144,23 @@ public class MainActivity extends Activity {
\item Background requests to Google during build and run.
\item Depends on Google services for several features (e.g. Safe Browsing).
\item Limited privacy controls.
+ \item API prevents extensions from blocking ads.
- \bigskip
+ \medskip
+ \pause
+ Security issues:
+ \begin{itemize}
+ \item Prevents users from escaping the certificate authority system for TLS.
+ \end{itemize}
+ \medskip
+ \pause
Freedom issues:
\item Pre-built binaries throughout the code base.
\item Missing license in some source files.
- \bigskip
+ \medskip
+ \pause
Verdict: unfit for fully free-software distributions.
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+Which apps use WebView?
+ A couple years ago, Jeremy checked all the PRISM Break apps to see which ones
+obviously used WebView. He doesn't have the exact numbers, but it was something
+like a third. Now it's a half. So WebView is becoming increasingly prevelant,
+and quickly.
+What's the matter with Chromium?
+ * Chromium manipulates its extension API to prevent extensions from blocking
+ads. They claim this is to prevent performance problems, which is a lie because
+Mozilla already solved those performance problems in production via a tiny
+tweak to the extension API that didn't impact ad blocking. Someone makes money
+when browsers cripple ad blocking, and it's not you the user.
+**Chromium is an antitrust violator and this harms the user's interests.**
+ * Chromium does everything in their power to prevent users from escaping the
+certificate authority system for TLS. Whether it's DNSSEC/DANE/TLSA,
+perspective verification, HPKP, manual key pinning, OS-level key pinning,
+or Namecoin, you can be pretty sure that if a mechanism exists to verify
+TLS certificates without fully trusting public CA's, the Chromium devs have
+tried to kill it.
+**Chromium is hostile to users' security.**