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* Fix gthreads for ChromeOS, too (recent change broke ChromeOS).Caroline Tice2016-05-122-14/+2
* Attempt to fix missing gthreads in libstdc++.Caroline Tice2016-04-252-4/+4
* Fix issue of generating symlinks for libgnustl_shared.soCaroline Tice2016-03-252-105/+51
* GCC unification, part 2. Fix various errors from previous unificaiton.Caroline Tice2016-03-162-2/+26
* Unify ChromeOS and Android versions of GCC.Caroline Tice2016-02-2624-100/+357
* Rename libstdc++.so to libgnustl_shared.soDavid 'Digit' Turner2015-08-271-1/+4
* Synchronize with google/gcc-4_9 to r224707 (from r214835)Yiran Wang2015-06-2984-336/+1844
* [gcc-4.9] Merge svn r214745 from google/gcc-4_9 branch.Rong Xu2014-09-0230-147/+650
* [gcc-4.9] Merge svn r213650 from google/gcc-4_9 branchRong Xu2014-08-074-1/+21
* [4.9] Switch gcc-4.9 to use google/gcc-4_9 branch.Rong Xu2014-07-2992-255/+1999
* [4.9] Refresh GCC 4.9 to the 20140514 snapshot.Ben Cheng2014-05-1827-72/+158
* Fix GNU4.7/4.8/4.9 libstdc++ for clangAndrew Hsieh2014-04-292-3/+3
* [4.9] Fix missing _U, _L, etcAndrew Hsieh2014-04-221-0/+14
* [4.9] GNU libstdc++ --enable-linux-futexAndrew Hsieh2014-04-222-0/+17
* [4.9] Use default visibility for the __cxa functions in eh_arm.cc.Ben Cheng2014-04-221-0/+12
* [4.9] Disable libstdc versioningAndrew Hsieh2014-04-222-2/+2
* [4.9] Enable _GLIBCXX_HAS_GTHREADS in GCC 4.9Andrew Hsieh2014-04-221-1/+1
* [4.9] Patch GCC libstdc++ to work with Clang in C++11Andrew Hsieh2014-04-221-1/+1
* [4.9] Handle NULL return value of setlocale() in libstdc++Andrew Hsieh2014-04-223-21/+41
* [4.9] Work-around for Android __cxa_finalize bugDigit' Turner2014-04-221-0/+8
* [4.9] GCC 4.9.0 official release refreshBen Cheng2014-04-2281-342/+1052
* Initial checkin of GCC 4.9.0 from trunk (r208799).Ben Cheng2014-03-267725-0/+1443025