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* Delete old versions of GCC.Dan Albert2015-06-17397-64635/+0
| | | | Change-Id: I710f125d905290e1024cbd67f48299861790c66c
* Fix GCC 4.4.3/4.6/4.7 openmp support to use libgomp/config/linuxAndrew Hsieh2013-03-075-3/+108
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Android does support SYS_gettid and SYS_futex which allows libgomp to use libgomp/config/linux/* instead of libgomp/config/posix and enables more features such as thread affinity. For GCC4.4.3/ARM, the missing linux/futex.h is copied from GCC 4.6 Also guard the new sc_nprocessors_actu with __ANDROID__, and fix return value in proc.c Change-Id: Ib22496075ac5e41c5f44f5160d1b34a5609c168b
* GCC 4.6/4.4.3: OpenMP: Better CPU count detection for LinuxAndrew Hsieh2013-03-061-3/+186
| | | | | | See related b3cd55a4e23e443cc4561424e22c27fe7f05b5c1 Change-Id: Ie43b94f27841b1560f2ce4b2ba163b8584f39ebc
* Modifications to enable OpenMP in Android.Keith Obenschain2012-03-233-1/+59
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This patch enables OpenMP support in the Android NDK by modifying the following: Specify that pthreads are supported in -lc instead of -lpthread (linux-android.h) Change the order of ANDROID_LIB_SPEC and LINUX_TARGET_LIB_SPEC so the above change will take precedence (linux-eabi.h) Modified autoconf for libgomp to check to see if the pthread libraries exist in libc (configure.ac) Added include to env.c so PAGE_SIZE is defined. To enable these changes, add "--enable-libgomp" to configure command under build-gcc.sh. Change-Id: I8b460159b768f64f5198ef5494346cdf75510250 Signed-off-by: Keith Obenschain <obenschaink@gmail.com>
* commit gcc-4.4.3 which is used to build gcc-4.4.3 Android toolchain in master.Jing Yu2010-07-22396-0/+64289
The source is based on fsf gcc-4.4.3 and contains local patches which are recorded in gcc-4.4.3/README.google. Change-Id: Id8c6d6927df274ae9749196a1cc24dbd9abc9887