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* xgcc compiles need to use the Android crt files as specified in ↵Bruce Beare2011-03-171-1/+1
| | | | | | | LDFLAGS_FOR_TARGET Change-Id: If494615b055cd5c001ffd7a1722bcbdf9b88abd8 Signed-off-by: Bruce Beare <bruce.j.beare@intel.com>
* commit gcc-4.4.3 which is used to build gcc-4.4.3 Android toolchain in master.Jing Yu2010-07-221-0/+1746
The source is based on fsf gcc-4.4.3 and contains local patches which are recorded in gcc-4.4.3/README.google. Change-Id: Id8c6d6927df274ae9749196a1cc24dbd9abc9887