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* fix errors in gcc compiler wrapper.Yunlian Jiang2016-10-061-2/+2
| | | | | | | BUG=none Test: it runs without error. Change-Id: I5067e352facb416a04f0064ae68fd61ba29b1011
* gcc: add a python wrapper for gcc.Yunlian Jiang2016-10-031-0/+66
This add a python wrapper for gcc to make goma do not need to hand gcc and clang separately. BUG 31444867 TEST= build new gcc. Call arm-linux-androideabi-c++ -v and arm-linux-androideabi-g++ -v in/out the directory of the gcc binary, it works. Change-Id: Ib02cff8f33306b089e13ade51033a3b0927b4308