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+# --------------------------
+# Ensure that the configuration variables for the GNU Java Compiler compiler
+# are suitably defined. These variables are subsequently used by _LT_CONFIG
+# to write the compiler configuration to `libtool'. Locally modified to
+# run its tests on C programs, because we cannot link Java programs until
+# we have finished building libjava.
+# Source file extension for Java test sources.
+# Object file extension for compiled Java test sources.
+_LT_TAGVAR(objext, $1)=$objext
+# Code to be used in simple compile tests
+lt_simple_compile_test_code="int some_variable = 0;"
+# Code to be used in simple link tests
+lt_simple_link_test_code='int main(){return(0);}'
+# ltmain only uses $CC for tagged configurations so make sure $CC is set.
+# save warnings/boilerplate of simple test code
+# Allow CC to be a program name with arguments.
+_LT_TAGVAR(compiler, $1)=$CC
+# GCJ did not exist at the time GCC didn't implicitly link libc in.
+_LT_TAGVAR(archive_cmds_need_lc, $1)=no
+_LT_TAGVAR(old_archive_cmds, $1)=$old_archive_cmds
+## There is no encapsulation within the following macros, do not change
+## the running order or otherwise move them around unless you know exactly
+## what you are doing...
+if test -n "$compiler"; then
+ _LT_CONFIG($1)
+_LT_TAGVAR(compiler, $1)=${GCJ-gcj}