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authorCaroline Tice <cmtice@google.com>2016-03-16 20:56:07 (GMT)
committerCaroline Tice <cmtice@google.com>2016-03-16 20:56:07 (GMT)
commitac16f08b86701ecf70e32f4ead8db63d92603808 (patch)
tree08f5e73c8a8f3c980468347bcc0c283bc1e6d3eb /gcc-4.9/gcc/cfgloop.c
parent3a800d7d75ceba88429096186a2150a2d938334a (diff)
GCC unification, part 2. Fix various errors from previous unificaiton.
The previous version of the unified GCC compiler (Android & ChromeOS) caused some ChromeOS tests to fail. It also caused an Android NDK test case to fail. This CL fixes those problems. In particular it does the following: - Fix some file formatting errors from previous unification patch. - Update ChangeLog files to reflect Android backport patches. - Find and incorporate a few missing pieces from the following backports backports from trunk r221007, r221675, r222011, r212011, r214942, r214957, r215012, r215016, r218115, r218733, r218746, r220491. This involved small changes in the following files: gcc/cfghoks.c gcc/cfgloop.c gcc/cfgloop.h gcc/except.c gcc/loop-init.c gcc/omp-low.c - Fix minor Android test case regression introduced in the previous unification patch. Change-Id: I482e3a34e3ed97c7ba609fe2954b4781f02ec617
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diff --git a/gcc-4.9/gcc/cfgloop.c b/gcc-4.9/gcc/cfgloop.c
index e4b60f5..a238405 100644
--- a/gcc-4.9/gcc/cfgloop.c
+++ b/gcc-4.9/gcc/cfgloop.c
@@ -1994,3 +1994,16 @@ bb_loop_depth (const_basic_block bb)
return bb->loop_father ? loop_depth (bb->loop_father) : 0;
+/* Marks LOOP for removal and sets LOOPS_NEED_FIXUP. */
+mark_loop_for_removal (loop_p loop)
+ if (loop->header == NULL)
+ return;
+ loop->former_header = loop->header;
+ loop->header = NULL;
+ loop->latch = NULL;
+ loops_state_set (LOOPS_NEED_FIXUP);