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[4.7] Add -fuse-ld=
Google ref 54218-p2 2011-06-27 Doug Kwan <dougkwan@google.com> Google ref 41164-p2 Backport upstream patch under review. 2011-01-19 NNick Clifton <nickc@redhat.com> Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org> * configure.ac (gcc_cv_gold_srcdir): New cached variable - contains the location of the gold sources. (ORIGINAL_GOLD_FOR_TARGET): New substituted variable - contains the name of the locally built gold executable. * configure: Regenerate. * collect2.c (main): Detect the -use-gold and -use-ld switches and select the appropriate linker, if found. If a linker cannot be found and collect2 is executing in verbose mode then report the search paths examined. * exec-tool.in: Detect the -use-gold and -use-ld switches and select the appropriate linker, if found. Add support for -v switch. Report problems locating linker executable. * gcc.c (LINK_COMMAND_SPEC): Translate -fuse-ld=gold into -use-gold and -fuse-ld=bfd into -use-ld. * common.opt: Add fuse-ld=gold and fuse-ld=bfd. * opts.c (comman_handle_option): Ignore -fuse-ld=gold and -fuse-ld=bfd. * doc/invoke.texi: Document the new options. Change-Id: I659dd3f53b8ee23667fec0d7d77efc90155cdf43
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