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* Fix buildAndrew Hsieh2015-03-025-2/+39
* Update binutils-2.25/gold to ToTAndrew Hsieh2015-02-24404-1160/+5554
* [2.24][2.25] Fix race condition causing assertRong Xu2015-02-185-12/+7
* Add support for the new tag DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP2.Nikola Veljkovic2014-12-253-3/+34
* Add MIPS specific changes to binutils 2.25 (prerelease) for MIPSR6 bug fixes,Steve Ellcey2014-12-1825-51/+1488
* [2.25] Fix __preinit_array_start not aligned properly in 64-bit.Lai Wei-Chih2014-12-091-1/+1
* [2.25] re-apply local patchesAndrew Hsieh2014-12-099-38/+215
* [2.25] sync to a30720e3e633f275250e26f85ccae5dbdddfb6c6Andrew Hsieh2014-12-094094-126235/+453678
* [2.24][2.25] Backport prevent user links ARM ELF binary into an AARCH64 ELF e...Lai Wei-Chih2014-11-282-0/+9
* [2.24][2.25] Fix __preinit_array_start not aligned properly in 64-bit.Lai Wei-Chih2014-08-141-1/+1
* [2.25] apply local patchesAndrew Hsieh2014-06-1311-69/+275
* Add upstream binutils-2.25 snapshot 4/4 2014Andrew Hsieh2014-06-1314861-0/+4637857