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* Fix bug where -u option with empty archive results in internal error.Cary Coutant2017-04-131-8/+8
* Fix darwin build failures (because of compilation warnings).Han Shen2015-11-201-3/+8
* Create an unified binutils source tree for both Android and ChromiumOS.Han Shen2015-11-191-12/+56
* Update binutils-2.25/gold to ToTAndrew Hsieh2015-02-241-1/+4
* [2.24][2.25] Fix race condition causing assertRong Xu2015-02-181-3/+0
* [2.25] sync to a30720e3e633f275250e26f85ccae5dbdddfb6c6Andrew Hsieh2014-12-091-2/+4
* Add upstream binutils-2.25 snapshot 4/4 2014Andrew Hsieh2014-06-131-0/+888