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* Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of Wiedmeyer2017-05-0213-29/+232
| * Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-04-2811-28/+164
| * Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-02-203-1/+68
* | use F-Droid and only F-Droid for searching themesWolfgang Wiedmeyer2017-02-182-11/+3
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-02-073-1/+30
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-02-031-0/+7
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-02-024-1/+92
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-01-262-11/+21
* Automatic translation importblinky@build012016-12-231-1/+1
* Automatic translation importblinky@build012016-12-221-2/+12
* Automatic translation importblinky@build012016-12-191-0/+9
* Automatic translation importpinky@build012016-12-161-2/+2
* Automatic translation importclyde@build012016-12-051-1/+1
* Automatic translation importinky@build012016-12-032-4/+4
* Automatic translation importinky@build012016-11-2910-13/+65
* ThemeChooser: Fix possible IllegalArgumentExceptionMichael W2016-10-281-3/+12
* Automatic translation importpinky@build012016-09-2515-7/+103
* Automatic translation importinky@build012016-09-120-0/+0
* Automatic translation importclyde@build012016-09-115-10/+15
* Automatic translation importclyde@build012016-09-0798-567/+1826
* Remove BootReceiverClark Scheff2016-09-052-62/+0
* Capitalize app nameAbhisek Devkota2016-09-041-1/+1
* String updatesNBruderman2016-09-041-1/+1
* Fix line wrapping for crowdinMichael Bestas2016-09-041-6/+2
* Move actions in theme card to overflow menuBharadwaj Narasimha2016-09-0319-132/+42
* ThemeChooser: set untranslatableJoey Rizzoli2016-09-021-1/+1
* Fall cleaningd34d2016-08-3171-266/+336
* Theme chooser for the peopleClark Scheff2016-08-28104-444/+1812
* ThemeFragment: Changing theme component resets per app themesBharadwaj Narasimha2016-07-291-2/+6
* Don't handle theme change config changesd34d2016-07-081-1/+0
* Check for system alert window permissiond34d2016-07-051-6/+28
* Keep line numbers when obfuscatingd34d2016-05-271-0/+5
* Don't show apply fab if applying from 3rd party appd34d2016-05-201-1/+1
* Avoid IAE when adding an already added clientd34d2016-05-172-2/+10
* Check if theme is applying in onResumed34d2016-05-061-1/+3
* Avoid using equals() on a possibly null actiond34d2016-04-281-1/+1
* Fix applying themes from third party apps (ThemeStore)d34d2016-04-261-2/+2
* Avoid potential NPE in getThemeChangeRequestForComponentsd34d2016-04-121-1/+5
* ThemeChooser: rename package to ModThemeChooserScott Mertz2016-04-081-1/+2
* Use correct actions in broadcast receiverd34d2016-04-071-3/+3
* Don't obfuscate cyanogenmod.themes.* classesd34d2016-03-311-1/+2
* Add ModLock option in lock screen pickerd34d2016-03-283-7/+32
* Add pick lock screen wallpaper actiond34d2016-03-286-43/+25
* ThemeChooser: Update for Theme api changes.Adnan Begovic2016-03-252-3/+3
* ThemeChooser: update translationsRoman Birg2016-03-2393-99/+2097
* Themes: Refactor themes to CMSDK [1/3]d34d2016-03-0411-98/+98
* Show FAB when an external image or None is selectedLuis Vidal2016-03-013-14/+40
* Reuse space view when availabled34d2016-02-221-5/+14
* Show the apply icon when a theme component is changedLuis Vidal2016-02-223-21/+94
* Fix Lock Screen card scroll animationLuis Vidal2016-02-161-2/+4