tag namecm-13-before-ambientsdk (2018fc46d00670000b3fe1a63ee02f44a9a8b314)
tag date2020-12-01 02:20:38 +0100
tagged byDenis 'GNUtoo' Carikli <>
tagged objectcommit 1e2ad0157e...
Last revision before the introduction of the nonfree "Ambient SDK"
We received a report by Tad on the Replicant mailing list that all Replicant releases contained a nonfree library called "Ambient SDK" that came from CyanogenMod. As explained by Tad, when LineageOS forked CyanogenMod, only part of that library was removed, and so we ended up with it as Replicant 6.0 is based on the first LineageOS release (13.0). Tad also pointed us to commits in DivestOS Mobile to remove that nonfree library. In many cases, these commits simply revert the affect git repositories to before the introduction of this nonfree "Ambient SDK" library. Belgin then investigated how to best remove it in Replicant 6.0 and found out that simply deleting the "Ambient SDK" code was too much work. So instead Belgin combined a few strategies to make it work with the current Replicant 6.0 source code, as suggested by Tad and found in DivestOS Mobile: - Some repositories are to be reverted to the revisions before the introduction of the "Ambient SDK". This is what this tag is about: it enables people to more easily understand that the commit tagged is the last revision before the introduction of this "Ambient SDK". The commit hash to be tagged were provided by Belgin in the Replicant mailing list. - In several repositories some commits were also reverted to remove the support for this "Ambient SDK". - As the code evolved since the introduction of the Ambient SDK, some repositories had to be fixed as well to still compile without it. - The that downloaded the "Ambient SDK" from maven packages repositories was also removed. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEeC+d2+Nrp/PU3kkGX138wUF34mMFAl/FmmYACgkQX138wUF3 4mN3MxAAqgvrKJ37nMf09AuWDpMtOZUmKO10p1fqk+blMpNgI3TFjTe33DeW1d1j C5GniuwZlmjJFbU+Uw7gvHr0HTyUbQ93XJUeoAWUTri9z7qAAbduTbk9W2IqQbtn y+wbMjFAtsw+3O/Ztxv/Q1IEXKtDQtdAQ4P8L2cUwFgi/xP8BxO3oYt3dMcbdmYE ldcmTKF+nGaEGDYrtLcFv+QeyrJHpUW/GjEeCRZOdfM8/np4iEpTSmOmQoZAkCo/ 6wsLMLro4RtloDTnGVOTj6Rq3tmVuYm2cN+6fWH/Y2xZff5gmESLLbUdDgRq9CVr zkS7SyB1VBBB680ElbQdInOiQ2PjHwG6v4huavxO5To0/xdCClaGzxCXMLMfi1LN 8Zy0k9Axk+1KPxuxuBYtMQ8cf62Gg+SsZozThN4C0IfrsPWcj4LH8Y30QdSqFogz YV2XeZmpQGHVM3/IST83okvcwN7KfM3IZU0vRIAYqTdbidpWlUnxUdvOgyyOz1Vu yye4VHB3IXZ0QOfzYWiNdm59aDUYKPU1AqaivKlZWti/XaT2vKxaBNtzOu1A4dCN Q9mKzEJbJPsRKqAk1Fo+xYconJls6IkqU6uEUTTq60cViQ9bnMQzm8ikpAZkGcfu 7MqhNCZfxWFZkjcsUWro19J5QDai3KBCW7uvqNNbZ7Z6HGWrDxs= =LwJ+ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----