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* power: Use declared enums where possibleMichael Bestas2019-10-231-1/+2
* power: Clean up and fix set_interactive_overrideMichael Bestas2019-10-231-6/+1
* power: Compile with -Wall -Wextra -WerrorMichael Bestas2019-10-231-1/+1
* power: Use ARRAY_SIZE macro where possibleZhao Wei Liew2019-10-231-1/+1
* power: Avoid interaction build errorsMichael Bestas2019-10-231-2/+1
* power: clang-formatMichael Bestas2019-10-231-39/+30
* power: Use log/log.h instead of utils/Log.hEthan Chen2019-10-231-1/+1
* power: Introducing PowerHAL binderized serviceAnanth Raghavan Subramanian2019-01-171-3/+3
* Power: Naming convention changeAnanth Raghavan Subramanian2018-08-171-0/+112