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power: msm8953: Support power profiles
Author: Michael Bestas <> Date: Fri May 25 22:57:04 2018 +0300 power: msm8953: Add support for power profiles * Based on legacy HAL implementation * We no longer handle POWER_HINT_INTERACTION and POWER_HINT_LAUNCH, they're now supported directly by Qualcomm mp-ctl. Change-Id: If5b239a6fa1880e2e650f0e5c50c1357e8e3ac1a Author: Corinna Vinschen <> Date: Sun Aug 26 22:11:49 2018 +0200 power: set_power_profile: handle errors * Make sure current_power_profile reflects actual setting. * Propagate error condition up to caller. * Handle error from set_power_profile in power_hint_override. Change-Id: I8518d921a94c912c75f59fbf993a8f44116bdca9 Signed-off-by: Corinna Vinschen <> Author: dianlujitao <> Date: Thu Sep 6 21:43:14 2018 +0800 power: Clean up hint IDs * Group MPCTL v3 opcodes according to major type. * Remove some unused/dead opcodes. * Rename some misleading/inconsistency names. Change-Id: I3a06930c8fff18a50f77cb230951dbd43d62fed3 Author: dianlujitao <> Date: Sat Feb 23 20:24:57 2019 +0800 power: Pass NULL parameter in powerHint if data is zero * This restores the behavior in AOSP and CAF power HAL to avoid confusion. Change-Id: I72f5bb9286e2f57121e39eea82d2fe8854989393 Change-Id: I991bb6e3b20a0e6c8674136b309561af491d277f
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