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power: msm8937: Support power profiles
Author: BeYkeRYkt <> Date: Sun Dec 23 22:55:35 2018 +0900 power: Add specific powerhal for msm8937 * msm8937 is on the same CAF line along with msm8953 and msm8996 and also supports the MPCTL_V3 commands, in contrast to msm8952. Separate it from msm8952. Change-Id: I58b0d7563cd3896ee4484ed0e0f38a6ef7eb01b2 Author: BeYkeRYkt <> Date: Sun Dec 23 23:21:50 2018 +0900 power: msm8937: Update power profile settings * msm8937 supports the MPCTL_V3 commands. Change-Id: Ibeaaf3d4577a8378f1d9a495b87ac58f75b1da73 Author: dianlujitao <> Date: Sat Feb 23 20:24:57 2019 +0800 power: Pass NULL parameter in powerHint if data is zero * This restores the behavior in AOSP and CAF power HAL to avoid confusion. Change-Id: I72f5bb9286e2f57121e39eea82d2fe8854989393 Change-Id: Ibaaf9a8a4398dfac12c901835f2f7aae9eefec3b
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