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* PhotoPhase: refresh after grant runtime permissionsKeith Mok2016-09-262-0/+12
* PhotoPhase: ask for runtime permissionsRoman Birg2016-01-142-0/+65
* photophase: make lwp to survive a rebootJorge Ruesga2014-11-091-1/+1
* photophase: restart lwp service on bad egl contextJorge Ruesga2014-11-073-1/+37
* Merge "photophase: prevent user to operation while album adapter is still in ...Jorge Ruesga2014-09-231-0/+18
| * photophase: prevent user to operation while album adapter is still in load pr...Jorge Ruesga2014-09-241-0/+18
* | Merge "photophase: prevent npe on low memory" into cm-11.0Jorge Ruesga2014-09-231-1/+3
|\ \
| * | photophase: prevent npe on low memoryJorge Ruesga2014-09-241-1/+3
| |/
* / photophase: revert etc1 compression featureJorge Ruesga2014-09-243-107/+18
* photophase: increase max acceptable compression timeJorge Ruesga2014-09-151-1/+1
* photophase: use etc1 compression when availableJorge Ruesga2014-09-145-27/+124
* Merge "photophase: allow to choose more than one minute for transition timers...Jorge Ruesga2014-09-011-3/+13
| * photophase: allow to choose more than one minute for transition timersJorge Ruesga2014-09-011-3/+13
* | Merge "photophase: don't reset transition timer on pause" into cm-11.0Jorge Ruesga2014-09-011-4/+9
|\ \
| * | photophase: don't reset transition timer on pauseJorge Ruesga2014-09-011-4/+9
| |/
* / photophase: fix memory leaksJorge Ruesga2014-08-317-3/+85
* photophase: fix summary for effect typesJorge Ruesga2014-07-101-1/+1
* Improve preference summary strings.Danny Baumann2014-07-094-19/+98
* Fix color picker layout.Danny Baumann2014-07-081-21/+16
* photophase: adjust number of lines for disposition summary viewJorge Ruesga2014-06-261-0/+5
* photophase: cleanup GL resources in GLThreadJorge Ruesga2014-06-224-13/+38
* photophase: restrict max value for background dimJorge Ruesga2014-06-211-0/+3
* photophase: remove unnecessary flagJorge Ruesga2014-06-211-2/+1
* photophase: force world redraw before put GLView in sleep modeJorge Ruesga2014-06-211-1/+5
* photophase: remove unnecessary callsJorge Ruesga2014-06-211-2/+0
* Update license headersJorge Ruesga2014-06-1477-77/+77
* Notify data changed after return to albums viewJorge Ruesga2014-06-141-0/+1
* Integration clean upJorge Ruesga2014-06-142-2/+1
* Handle back button on ChoosePictureFragmentJorge Ruesga2014-06-143-7/+86
* Reduce synchronized linesJorge Ruesga2014-06-141-34/+34
* Fix random disposition bugJorge Ruesga2014-06-141-0/+1
* Fix NPE from getActivity() callJorge Ruesga2014-06-141-8/+30
* Use all space available of the screen on kitkatJorge Ruesga2013-11-072-3/+16
* Fix disposition view-in animation on aosp 4.4Jorge Ruesga2013-11-071-15/+13
* Add isValidFragment definition required by aosp 4.4 Jorge Ruesga2013-11-071-0/+8
* Fix NPE because mSrcView not being set until picture view is displayed Jorge Ruesga2013-11-071-1/+2
* Fix onDissmissListener for 4.0.3 devices (not supported as builder) Jorge Ruesga2013-11-071-2/+2
* Add missed filesJorge Ruesga2013-11-031-0/+108
* Add changelog activityJorge Ruesga2013-11-031-0/+2
* Save dispositions when user press Ok button onlyJorge Ruesga2013-11-031-15/+22
* Dispositions templatesJorge Ruesga2013-11-0344-54/+12983
* Random dispositionsJorge Ruesga2013-11-039-74/+424
* Multiples fixesJorge Ruesga2013-11-0222-1051/+1510
* Returns as a CyanogenMod project. Update author and CopyrightsJorge Ruesga2013-10-2772-309/+309
* Force redraw of frame when surface changed (if gl is in dirty mode)Jorge Ruesga2013-10-251-4/+8
* Fix effects FC when device don't supports preserve_egl_contextJorge Ruesga2013-10-252-2/+23
* Fix hardware acceleration problem and improve responsivenessJorge Ruesga2013-10-244-48/+54
* Force to run discover AsyncTask out of the GLThreadJorge Ruesga2013-10-232-5/+16
* Improve times for filter media discoverJorge Ruesga2013-10-133-29/+15
* Remove unnecessary codeJorge Ruesga2013-10-133-68/+21