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* Use proper action bar item backgroundJorim Jaggi2016-08-111-0/+24
* Updating the wallpaper dialog item themSunny Goyal2016-08-031-3/+4
* Adding icons in Set Wallpaper disambiguation dialog UISunny Goyal2016-07-181-0/+28
* Adjust wallpaper picker to match static wallpaper pickerJorim Jaggi2016-06-022-47/+134
* Updating the LiveWallpaperPicker UISunny Goyal2015-08-313-52/+16
* Moving the set wallpaper button to the top to match the default launcher styleSunny Goyal2015-08-281-33/+10
* RTLizeAmith Yamasani2013-08-071-5/+5
* Removing Live Wallpaper Description - Bug 5462731Leon Hong2011-11-181-10/+0
* Fix bug 5295767 - Live wallpaper picker needs layout updates for ICSAdam Powell2011-09-121-11/+15
* Fixed an issue with fragment display on a phoneAdam Lesinski2010-12-131-1/+1
* Fixed bug in orientation changeAdam Lesinski2010-12-061-2/+6
* Updated the LivePicker for tablet UIAdam Lesinski2010-12-034-9/+28
* Deprecate fill_parent and introduce match_parent.Romain Guy2010-01-083-9/+9
* Clean up live wallpaper picker list.Daniel Sandler2009-11-161-7/+12
* Improve live wallpaper picker: animations, loading message, etc.Romain Guy2009-11-091-0/+24
* Sort live wallpapers alphabetically and UI tweaks.Romain Guy2009-11-081-0/+1
* New, safer, live wallpaper picker.Romain Guy2009-11-085-125/+149
* Revised live wallpaper picker metadata display.Daniel Sandler2009-11-051-11/+30
* Improving Live Wallpaper picker UI.Daniel Sandler2009-10-291-0/+11
* Incorporate UX feedback into Live Wallpaper picker.Daniel Sandler2009-10-191-8/+9
* Move the live wallpapers picker to its own apk.Romain Guy2009-10-162-0/+94