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* Fix bug where the preview wasn't starting because using an unknown window token.Romain Guy2009-11-081-8/+16
* Sort live wallpapers alphabetically and UI tweaks.Romain Guy2009-11-082-0/+17
* New, safer, live wallpaper picker.Romain Guy2009-11-0812-543/+631
* Revised live wallpaper picker metadata display.Daniel Sandler2009-11-055-122/+55
* Fix live wallpaper picker crash on launch.Daniel Sandler2009-11-041-47/+0
* Do not allow the selection of the live wallpaper title.Romain Guy2009-11-034-27/+0
* Import revised translations. DO NOT MERGEEric Fischer2009-10-3018-72/+36
* Improving Live Wallpaper picker UI.Daniel Sandler2009-10-297-0/+247
* Import revised translations. DO NOT MERGEEric Fischer2009-10-283-15/+9
* Import revised translations. DO NOT MERGEEric Fischer2009-10-2120-0/+526
* Incorporate UX feedback into Live Wallpaper picker.Daniel Sandler2009-10-193-12/+18
* Move the live wallpapers picker to its own apk.Romain Guy2009-10-1610-0/+777
* new project, first commitandroid-build SharedAccount2009-10-150-0/+0