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<string name="application_name">Live Wallpaper Picker</string>
<!-- Title for the screen that lets the user choose a live wallpaper to use
for the system. -->
- <string name="live_wallpaper_picker_title">Live wallpapers</string>
+ <string name="live_wallpaper_picker_title">Select live wallpaper</string>
<!-- Title for the screen that lets the user preview a live wallpaper. -->
<string name="live_wallpaper_preview_title">Live wallpaper preview</string>
<!-- List item for configuring the current wallpaper -->
@@ -39,5 +39,7 @@
<string name="wallpaper_title_and_author"><xliff:g id="title" example="Galaxy">%1$s</xliff:g> by <xliff:g id="author" example="Google">%2$s</xliff:g></string>
<!-- Message, tells the user the selected live wallpaper is loading. -->
<string name="live_wallpaper_loading">Loading live wallpaper…</string>
+ <!-- Button label, action, cancels the wallpaper picker dialog [CHAR_LIMIT=40]-->
+ <string name="wallpaper_cancel">Cancel</string>