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* fix downloadmanager tests. again.Vasu Nori2010-12-151-3/+0
| | | | Change-Id: I61c6020017a300076ab2a5901ab87eabb1e0d0b7
* Download dir: /data/data/ NOT /cacheVasu Nori2010-12-141-0/+3
| | | | | | | | | | bug:3264401 still to do: make sure only N bytes are taken up by downloads dir N = a value specific to each device. default = 100MB. Change-Id: I2a49f4b3831d3a8d7be13b5fd46d85d56e831e38
* Make DownloadProvider accessible for public API usage.Steve Howard2010-07-221-0/+37
This change removes the requirement that apps have the ACCESS_DOWNLOAD_MANAGER permission in order to access DownloadProvider. This enables the public API to work. Instead, DownloadProvider enforces the new permissions model for the public API: * insert() requires INTERNET permission * insert() checks that input fits within the restricted input allowed for the public API * insert() also strictly checks the file URI provided with DESTINATION_FILE_URI (and still requires WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission if that is supplied) Note that if an app has the ACCESS_DOWNLOAD_MANAGER permission, legacy behavior is retained. I've added a test to cover this new access, and updated the existing permissions tests. I also fixed a bug in WHERE clause construction in update() and delete(), and refactored the code to eliminate duplication. Change-Id: I53a08df137b35c2788c36350276c9dff24858af1