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* DownloadManager : Only remove stale id if download is not deletedDanesh Mondegarian2015-06-161-1/+1
* Ensure that downloads stop quickly.Jeff Sharkey2015-06-151-8/+25
* Add Download Speeds in notificationLasse Brudeskar Vikås2014-12-271-6/+26
* Trim stale downloads from third-party apps.Jeff Sharkey2014-10-161-5/+47
* Colored notificationsSelim Cinek2014-08-271-0/+2
* fallocate() returning ENOSYS is okay.Jeff Sharkey2014-08-261-2/+2
* Whoops, clear identity to get internal columns.Jeff Sharkey2014-08-051-1/+11
* Scan after writing download files.Jeff Sharkey2014-08-054-23/+43
* Transition the Download Service's cleanup work to a scheduled JobChristopher Tate2014-06-162-8/+50
* am f04a7690: am 90e7485d: am 02562d30: Merge "Avoid leaking cursors"Jeff Sharkey2014-05-101-20/+30
| * Merge "Avoid leaking cursors"Jeff Sharkey2014-05-101-20/+30
| |\
| | * Avoid leaking cursorsMattias Nilsson2014-04-011-20/+30
| * | Track API package change.Elliott Hughes2014-04-281-4/+4
| |/
* | OsConstants is moving.Elliott Hughes2014-04-291-2/+1
* | Fix reference to moved ErrnoException.Torne (Richard Coles)2014-04-291-1/+1
* | Move internal DownloadProvider code off libcore.os.Elliott Hughes2014-04-282-18/+18
* | resolved conflicts for merge of 2ca55fd3 to masterNick Kralevich2014-03-141-6/+0
| * Drop restorecon call from DownloadProvider.Stephen Smalley2014-03-121-6/+0
* | Add idle service to clean orphan downloads.Jeff Sharkey2014-02-065-87/+179
* | Many improvements to download storage management.Jeff Sharkey2014-02-069-1110/+968
* | Revert "change download provider to use system log"Doug Zongker2014-01-277-88/+88
* | change download provider to use system logDoug Zongker2014-01-277-88/+88
* Creates parent directories before creates fileRoger Chen2014-01-091-1/+9
* No directories in Downloads.Jeff Sharkey2013-10-101-0/+4
* Treat deleted in-progress downloads as canceled.Jeff Sharkey2013-10-041-1/+1
* Always update notifications, media scanner.Jeff Sharkey2013-10-041-16/+5
* Ensure Downloads directory exists before create.Jeff Sharkey2013-10-041-0/+1
* Allow all downloads to be writable.Jeff Sharkey2013-10-013-28/+9
* Follow API changes.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-271-4/+2
* Revoke grants when downloads are deleted.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-262-0/+20
* Always check against canonical paths.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-251-3/+13
* Allow saving to Downloads.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-233-17/+135
* Unified handling of errors around opening.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-182-16/+30
* Omit duplicate images, query for management UI.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-101-4/+38
* Hint sorting, remove XML, follow refactor.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-091-15/+16
* Extend trampoline to show dialogs.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-063-51/+18
* Relay content change notifications to documents.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-051-0/+7
* Remove content flags to indicate */* support.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-021-3/+1
* New recent documents behavior.Jeff Sharkey2013-09-021-1/+23
* Follow refactoring of DocumentsContract.Jeff Sharkey2013-08-311-34/+44
* Follow stronger DocumentsProvider contract.Jeff Sharkey2013-08-283-201/+99
* Trampoline APK installation to use raw file.Jeff Sharkey2013-08-192-1/+42
* Clear identity when deleting downloads.Jeff Sharkey2013-08-181-1/+6
* Support custom documents query projections.Jeff Sharkey2013-08-172-66/+55
* Delegate to documents UI; improve contents.Jeff Sharkey2013-08-152-46/+78
* First pass at Downloads storage provider.Jeff Sharkey2013-08-071-0/+302
* Count download WakeLocks against requesting app.Jeff Sharkey2013-06-061-0/+2
* Increment operation counts to track downloads.Jeff Sharkey2013-05-101-2/+7
* Completed downloads should clear when touched.Jeff Sharkey2013-04-281-0/+1
* Merge "Restore the appropriate SELinux context to the downloads dir." into jb...Geremy Condra2013-04-051-2/+7