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Public API support for broadcasts and connectivity control.
* Three new DB fields, one indicating whether a download was initiated by the public API or not, two to hold connectivity control info. DB migration to add these fields and code in DownloadProvider.insert() to handle them. * Change broadcast intent code to match public API spec, for public API downloads only. (Legacy code can go away once existing clients are converted over to the new API.) * Introduce SystemFacade methods for sending broadcasts and checking package ownership; this facilitates new tests of broadcast code. * Change DownloadInfo.canUseNetwork() to obey new connectivity controls available in public API, but again, retain legacy behavior for downloads initiated directly through DownloadProvider * New test cases to cover the new behavior Also made a couple changes to reduce some test flakiness I was observing: * in tearDown(), wait for any running UpdateThread to complete * in PublicApiFunctionalTest.setUp(), if the test directory already exists, remove it rather than aborting DB changes for broadcast + roaming support Change-Id: I60f39fc133f678f3510880ea6eb9f639358914b4
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