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Create a new permission that allows apps to see downloads from other
applications to the SD card. Necessary for http://b/issue?id=2384554 Also create names for files by default, so they do not display as <Untitled>. Remove calls to createTitleFromFilename, which are no longer necessary. Requires a change to frameworks/base.
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can use this to confuse other applications that download
+ <!-- Title for permission to see all downloads to EXTERNAL -->
+ <string name="permlab_seeAllExternal">See all downloads to SD card</string>
+ <!-- Description for the permission to see all downloads to EXTERNAL -->
+ <string name="permdesc_seeAllExternal">Allows the application to see all
+ downloads to the SD card, regardless of which application downloaded
+ them.</string>
<!-- This is the title that is used when displaying the notification
for a download that doesn't have a title associated with it. -->
<string name="download_unknown_title">&lt;Untitled&gt;</string>