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Major refactoring of
Motivation: I need to fix the handling of 302s, so that after a disconnect, subsequent retries will use the original URI, not the redirected one. Rather than store extra information in the DB, I'd like to just keep the redirected URI in memory and make the redirected request within the same DownloadThread. This involves working with the large-scale structure of Since run() was a ~700 line method, I didn't feel comfortable making such changes. So this change refactors run() into a ~80 line method which calls into a collection of ~20 other short methods. The state previously kept in local variables has been pulled into a couple of state-only inner classes. The error-handling control flow, formerly handled by "break http_request_loop" statements, is now handled by throwing a "StopRequest" exception. The remaining structure of run() has been simplified -- the outermost for loop, for example, could never actually repeat and has been removed for now. Some other bits of code have been cleaned up a bit, but the functionality has not been modified. There are many good next steps to this refactoring. Besides various other cleanup bits, a major improvement would be to consolidate the State/InnerState classes, move some functionality to this new class (there are many functions of the form "void foo(State)" which would be good candidates), and promote it to a top-level class. But I want to take things one step at a time, and I think what I've got here is a major improvement and should be enough to allow me to safely implement the changes to redirection handling. In the process of doing this refactoring I added many test cases to PublicApiFunctionalTest to exercise some of the pieces of code I was moving around. I also moved some test cases from DownloadManagerFunctionalTest. Over time I'd like to move everything over to use the PublicApiFunctionalTest approach, and then I may break that into some smaller suites. Other minor changes: * use longs instead of ints to track file sizes, as these may be getting quite large in the future * provide a default DB value of -1 for COLUMN_TOTAL_BYTES, as this simplifies some logic in DownloadThread * small extensions to MockResponse to faciliate new test cases Change-Id: If7862349296ad79ff6cdc97e554ad14c01ce1f49
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