BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
lineage-17.1Merge tag 'android-10.0.0_r37' into staging/lineage-17.1_merge-android-10.0.0...Kevin F. Haggerty12 months
lineage-16.0Automatic translation importMichael W15 months
staging/lineage-17.0_merge-android-10.0.0_r9Update default workspaceJoey18 months
lineage-17.0Enable swipe down to open shade for non userdebug populationHyunyoung Song19 months
cm-13.0Automatic translation importMichael Bestas22 months
cm-14.1Automatic translation importMichael Bestas22 months
lineage-15.1Automatic translation importMichael Bestas22 months
lineage-16.0_20181101Snap for 4818534 from bf29023212a107481b6cbf3dbe4fda52c6f50180 to pi-releaseandroid-build-team Robot3 years
staging/lineage-15.1TrebuchetGo: Rename Launcher3Go package nameAdrian DC3 years
staging/lineage-15.1-20180114Add back LockClock widgetArne Coucheron3 years
lineage-15.0Temporarily use DeskClock widgetArne Coucheron4 years
cm-14.1-rebaseLauncher3: Can't search out local app by Chineseyingrenw4 years
staging/cm-14.1-rebaseLauncher3: Can't search out local app by Chineseyingrenw4 years
staging/cm-14.1-aosprebaseRename permissions as suggested in AndroidManifestMichael Bestas4 years
cm-14.1-NOMODDisabling widget debugSunny Goyal4 years
cm-11.0Trebuchet: disable search bar when there are no search activitiesRaj Yengisetty4 years
cm-12.1Automatic translation importblinky@build014 years
stable/cm-13.0-ZNH5YIconCache: Simplify application of custom titles from STKMarcos Marado5 years
stable/cm-13.0-ZNH2KIconCache: Simplify application of custom titles from STKMarcos Marado5 years
stable/cm-13.0-ZNH0EAutomatic translation importinky@build015 years
cm-14.0Automatic translation importblinky@build015 years
stable/cm-12.1-YOG4PAutomatic translation importblinky@build015 years
stable/cm-13.0-ZNH2KBAutomatic translation importinky@build015 years
stable/cm-12.1-YOG7DAutomatic translation importAbhisek Devkota5 years
staging/remote-folderFix a crash when moving from overlay to non-overlay installation.Artem Shvadskiy5 years
staging/cm-13.0Trebuchet: Add scrubber to widget viewcretin456 years
cm-13.0-oldTrebuchet: Use new protected app extrascretin456 years
staging/catchupTrebuchet : Fix insets for panelsDanesh M6 years
cm-12.1-oldAutomatic translation importMichael Bestas6 years
caf/cm-12.1Reset default view camera distanceRichard MacGregor6 years
stable/cm-12.0-YNG4NAutomatic translation importMichael Bestas6 years
stable/cm-11.0-XNG3CAutomatic translation importMichael Bestas6 years
cm-12.0Automatic translation importMichael Bestas6 years
caf/cm-12.0Trebuchet: display search widget search box if availableRoman Birg6 years
staging/cmhomeMove CMHome into TrebuchetRaj Yengisetty6 years
stable/cm-12.0-YNG1TATrebuchet: search widget requirementRoman Birg6 years
stable/cm-12.1-YOG3CIncrease SDK Version to support Android for WorkStephen Bird6 years
stable/cm-12.0-YNG3CTrebuchet: Adjusted margin and vertical alignment of row titleHayden Schoen6 years
stable/cm-12.0-YNG1TAutomatic translation importMichael Bestas6 years
stable/cm-11.0-XNG2SAutomatic translation importMichael Bestas6 years
staging/cm-12.1Revert "Trebuchet : Clean windows during bootup."Rajesh Yengisetty6 years
stable/cm-12.0-YNG1IRevert "Adding manage apps shortcut to Settings panel"Rajesh Yengisetty6 years
stable/cm-11.0Merge branch 'cm-11.0' into stable/cm-11.0Brint E. Kriebel6 years
stable/cm-11.0-XNF9XMerge branch 'cm-11.0' into stable/cm-11.0Brint E. Kriebel6 years
shipping/cm-11.0Revert "Center wallpaper when only one screen"Raj Yengisetty7 years
stable/cm-11.0-XNF8YRevert "Center wallpaper when only one screen"Raj Yengisetty7 years
staging/cm-12.0-cafCatch ActivityNotFoundException when launching GlobalSearchActivity.Matt Garnes7 years
cm-10.2Trebuchet: PL translationsTomasz Popielarczyk8 years
stable/cm-10.2Trebuchet: PL translationsTomasz Popielarczyk8 years
cm-10.1Trebuchet: CA translationsarnau8 years
jellybeanRemoved unnecessary typecast.Kevin Vajk8 years
mr1.1-stagingMerge "Trebuchet: Updated italian translation" into cm-10.1Marco Brohet8 years
icsMerge "Update Russian Translation-Trebuchet-CM9" into icsMarco Brohet8 years
jellybean-stableTrebucher : Added missing French TranslationAntonin Fouques9 years
cm-9.1.0Launcher: increasing the lower bound and upperbound of loaded pages to avoid ...Rajulu Ponnada9 years
ics-releaseLauncher: increasing the lower bound and upperbound of loaded pages to avoid ...Rajulu Ponnada9 years