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* add null check when accessing target component from iteminfoPinyao Ting2019-08-161-1/+4
* show dot in deep shortcuts when notification contains exactly identicalPinyao Ting2019-08-061-33/+0
* Ensure each dot contains only relevant notification to the shortcutPinyao Ting2019-07-311-22/+7
* show dot on shortcut when incoming notification contains exactly thePinyao Ting2019-07-301-4/+41
* Removing ShortcutInfoCompat and directly using ShortcutInfoSunny Goyal2019-04-221-20/+11
* ShortcutInfo renamed to WorkspaceItemInfoSunny Goyal2019-04-161-2/+3
* Changing min sdk to 25Sunny Goyal2019-01-291-85/+62
* Handle null ItemInfo.title for widget listHyunyoung Song2019-01-151-1/+2
* Migrating some runnables to lambda operationsSunny Goyal2018-12-271-15/+2
* Create a launcher LoaderResults override.Rajeev Kumar2018-11-051-0/+67
* Create a launcher model override.Rajeev Kumar2018-11-021-0/+240
* Create a deep shortcuts override.Rajeev Kumar2018-10-311-0/+254