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* Preventing delayed processing of old touch target in Customization drawer.Winson Chung2010-11-181-1/+3
* Adding initial background protection to AllApps/Customize drawer.Winson Chung2010-11-181-17/+70
* Separate QSB and Voice buttons, aligned with QSB app.Amith Yamasani2010-11-181-9/+46
* Merge "Modified behavior of mini-workspace screens"Adam Lesinski2010-11-181-2/+0
| * Modified behavior of mini-workspace screensAdam Lesinski2010-11-181-2/+0
* | 3185132: Allow dropping on adjacent homescreen targetsPatrick Dubroy2010-11-173-11/+39
* Layout tweaks in LauncherAdam Lesinski2010-11-178-80/+178
* Polishing home transitionsAdam Cohen2010-11-172-32/+80
* Allow dragging items off customization trayMichael Jurka2010-11-162-5/+103
* Fixing typo with previous change. Should not handle click when snapping to page.Winson Chung2010-11-161-2/+2
* Merge "Minor fixes to Launcher"Winson Chung2010-11-154-35/+30
| * Minor fixes to LauncherWinson Chung2010-11-154-35/+30
* | Whitespace fixAdam Cohen2010-11-151-2/+2
* Tweaking transitions between AllApps / Customize and HomeAdam Cohen2010-11-151-15/+40
* Fixing issue where dropping on the system bar would not properly cancel the d...Winson Chung2010-11-122-0/+11
* Fixing various small bugs with launcherWinson Chung2010-11-126-16/+29
* Refactoring the drag event handling to provide more upfront validation of dra...Winson Chung2010-11-121-37/+56
* Making current screen background always transparentAdam Cohen2010-11-112-5/+9
* Fixing a launcher crash on bootAdam Cohen2010-11-111-4/+8
* Adding auto-advance to launcherAdam Cohen2010-11-113-10/+139
* Modifying wallpapers customization page to look like widgets.Winson Chung2010-11-105-183/+127
* Fix 3165989: Items dragged from All Apps don't appearPatrick Dubroy2010-11-091-2/+6
* Merge "Fixing issue where holgoraphic icon backgrounds were not being drawn."Winson Chung2010-11-091-5/+5
| * Fixing issue where holgoraphic icon backgrounds were not being drawn.Winson Chung2010-11-091-5/+5
* | Fixing issue with widget previews using the widget dimensions instead of the ...Winson Chung2010-11-091-10/+12
* Draw glow along screen edge when dragging in portrait.Patrick Dubroy2010-11-042-4/+32
* Initial changes to allow resolution of arbitrary clip data to widgets that su...Winson Chung2010-11-047-98/+335
* Fix bug with views disappearing after dragging.Patrick Dubroy2010-11-021-20/+21
* Using hdpi icons in LauncherMichael Jurka2010-11-029-56/+81
* Layout and spacing changes for AllApps/Customization drawerWinson Chung2010-11-016-22/+68
* Merge "Add snap-back animation when dropping an item on a full page."Patrick Dubroy2010-11-011-8/+29
| * Add snap-back animation when dropping an item on a full page.Patrick Dubroy2010-11-011-8/+29
* | Fix crash in non-xlarge configurations.Patrick Dubroy2010-11-011-3/+7
* | Fixing issues in LauncherWinson Chung2010-11-013-11/+29
* | Merge "When the locale changes, flush the all apps list."Joe Onorato2010-10-302-14/+32
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * When the locale changes, flush the all apps list.Joe Onorato2010-10-302-14/+32
* | Fix NPE when dragging an item to a full home screenPatrick Dubroy2010-10-291-19/+23
* | Fix: switching states during animations was brokenMichael Jurka2010-10-296-43/+137
* | Move drop anim into the Workspace to prevent clipping issuesPatrick Dubroy2010-10-292-108/+142
* Setting correct active page when shrinkingMichael Jurka2010-10-291-1/+1
* Adding initial support for dropping widgets with custom configuration data.Winson Chung2010-10-285-27/+106
* -> Made outline of current page fade outAdam Cohen2010-10-282-9/+23
* Increasing icons for homescreen as well as as all-apps (temporarily until we ...Winson Chung2010-10-282-2/+8
* Initial changes to allow dragging external shortcuts to launcher using the sa...Winson Chung2010-10-285-22/+165
* Merge "Generating holographic outlines in helper thread"Michael Jurka2010-10-271-76/+87
| * Generating holographic outlines in helper threadMichael Jurka2010-10-271-76/+87
* | When the launcher is paused and we reload stuff in the background, we need to...Joe Onorato2010-10-272-4/+51
* Merge "Don't build bitmaps when running in GL."Romain Guy2010-10-262-2/+6
| * Don't build bitmaps when running in GL.Romain Guy2010-10-262-2/+6
* | Merge "Adding distance threshold to initiate paging regardless of velocity."Winson Chung2010-10-261-4/+11
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