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* Trebuchet: Fix measuring error when reloading app drawercretin452016-02-151-2/+10
* Port Remote Folder from 12.1 to 13.Tyson Miller2016-01-284-315/+337
* Trebuchet: Fix NPE when app search controller is offGabriele M2016-01-161-1/+2
* Trebuchet: Remove app search controller if turned offcretin452016-01-131-0/+4
* Trebuchet: Add ability to disable the scroller completelyMartin Herndl2015-12-171-13/+14
* Add app drawer search bar toggle to settingsMartin Herndl2015-12-161-1/+6
* Reimplement CM Settings Overview Panel Part 4Yvonne Wong2015-12-081-0/+9
* Trebuchet: Add app drawer settingscretin452015-12-032-19/+28
* Reimplement CM Settings Overview Panel in the new Launcher Part 2Yvonne Wong2015-11-301-0/+3
* Reimplement CM Settings Overview Panel in the new Launcher Part 1Yvonne Wong2015-11-302-12/+24
* Reimplement the CM scrubber against the new Launchercretin452015-11-234-41/+311
* Merge "Adding graphic for all apps empty search screen." into ub-launcher3-bu...Winson Chung2015-08-284-4/+274
| * Adding graphic for all apps empty search screen.Winson2015-08-284-4/+274
* | Fixing issue with missing scroll bar after fast-scrolling and searching.Winson2015-08-271-0/+4
* Making the detached scrollbar catch up faster to the actual scroll position.Winson2015-08-241-2/+12
* Tweaking fast scroller to follow touch closer.Winson2015-08-203-32/+98
* Refactoring to ExtendedEditText.Winson2015-08-132-69/+8
* Merge "Ensuring that AllAppsGridAdapter is public." into ub-launcher3-burnabyWinson Chung2015-08-112-2/+2
| * Ensuring that AllAppsGridAdapter is public.Winson2015-08-112-2/+2
* | Adding market search.Winson Chung2015-08-065-70/+170
* Calculating widget minSpans and spans statically/independent of orientationSunny Goyal2015-08-031-1/+0
* Fixing issue with accessibility falsely reporting app count when there are no...Winson Chung2015-07-301-1/+36
* Making long-press of AllApps to jump directly to search.Winson Chung2015-07-101-0/+9
* Moving prediction icons back into recycler view.Winson Chung2015-07-067-407/+95
* Fixing issue with casting context to activity.Winson Chung2015-06-262-9/+2
* Removing some synthetic methodsSunny Goyal2015-06-241-5/+8
* Working around overscroll issues in AllApps.Winson Chung2015-06-232-2/+57
* Refactoring fast scroller.Winson Chung2015-06-234-130/+228
* Merge "Revert resource name to what platform ui automator test defines. b/219...Hyunyoung Song2015-06-181-1/+1
| * Revert resource name to what platform ui automator test defines.Hyunyoung Song2015-06-181-1/+1
* | Moving predicted apps callbacks to use ComponentKey.Winson Chung2015-06-182-14/+20
* | Renaming id to prevent collision.Winson Chung2015-06-171-1/+1
* Making resultHandler protected to make it accessible from a subClassSunny Goyal2015-06-161-1/+1
* Using component key for app search resultsSunny Goyal2015-06-164-82/+44
* Merge "Refactored section names to only draw when there is space." into ub-la...Winson Chung2015-06-164-105/+104
| * Refactored section names to only draw when there is space.Winson Chung2015-06-164-105/+104
* | Removing ContentObserver in launcherSunny Goyal2015-06-161-1/+1
* Refactoring all apps search to support external search bar.Winson Chung2015-06-158-560/+610
* Merge "Ensuring that we use the screen width more optimally in AllApps." into...Winson Chung2015-06-052-10/+14
| * Ensuring that we use the screen width more optimally in AllApps.Winson Chung2015-06-052-10/+14
* | Ensure that we use the system long press duration when dragging from AllApps.Winson Chung2015-06-052-0/+4
* Merge "Adding context for app launches." into ub-launcher3-burnabyWinson Chung2015-06-023-3/+38
| * Adding context for app launches.Winson Chung2015-06-023-3/+38
* | Remove use of API level 19 classes.Winson Chung2015-06-021-2/+2
* Removing some synthetic method creationSunny Goyal2015-06-023-9/+10
* Adding an asynchronous search interface for apps searchSunny Goyal2015-06-014-62/+258
* Fixing crash on tablets from merging scheme changes.Winson Chung2015-06-011-4/+4
* Avoid merging app sections across scripts.Winson Chung2015-06-011-10/+30
* Revert "Avoid merging sections across scripts."Winson Chung2015-06-011-21/+6
* Avoid merging sections across scripts.Winson Chung2015-06-011-6/+21