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* Replace 4x4 grid option with a 4x5 oneArne Coucheron2020-01-041-175/+0
* Update default workspacestaging/lineage-17.0_merge-android-10.0.0_r9Joey2019-12-141-42/+42
* Trebuchet: Update default workspaceBruno Martins2019-12-121-8/+96
* Changing the format for device profile definitionSunny Goyal2018-12-071-2/+42
* Adding support for negative x and y in layout xml.Sunny Goyal2015-12-181-3/+3
* Updating the default layouts for launcher3Sunny Goyal2015-08-041-85/+16
* Adding support for dynamically resolved default layouts.Winson Chung2014-05-161-0/+116