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* Revert "Adding manage apps shortcut to Settings panel"stable/cm-12.0-YNG1IRajesh Yengisetty2015-02-191-2/+0
* Adding manage apps shortcut to Settings panelRaj Yengisetty2015-01-201-2/+4
* Adding strings for the new clings.Sunny Goyal2014-08-211-0/+6
* Updating the ui for widget restore flowSunny Goyal2014-08-121-4/+1
* Adding support to restore widgets even for jelly beans.Sunny Goyal2014-08-081-1/+4
* Adding broadcast to indicate first launcher loadAdam Cohen2014-07-231-0/+3
* Adding app widget restore support in Launcher3 for android LSunny Goyal2014-07-211-0/+3
* Merge "Merging Motorola's patch to disable apps when is safe mode." into ub-n...Sunny Goyal2014-07-181-0/+2
| * Merging Motorola's patch to disable apps when is safe mode.Sunny Goyal2014-07-181-0/+2
* | Specify permission.RECEIVE_LAUNCH_BROADCASTS in String resourceAdam Cohen2014-07-161-0/+3
* Drop support for remove all dead promises.Chris Wren2014-07-011-9/+3
* Update text on dead shortcut removal dialog.Chris Wren2014-07-011-7/+10
* Offer to delete broken promise icons.Chris Wren2014-06-271-0/+17
* Merge "Allow the old launcher content URI to be overrided" into ub-now-mister...Adam Cohen2014-04-171-0/+4
| * Allow the old launcher content URI to be overridedJason Monk2014-03-211-0/+4
* | update strings for welcome backChris Wren2014-04-011-1/+1
* update promise icon statusChris Wren2014-03-111-0/+11
* Fix issue where clings didn't appear after set up wizard (issue 13077829)Adam Cohen2014-02-211-12/+0
* Replace "hotseat" with "Favorites tray" in user visible strings.Adrian Roos2014-01-141-2/+2
* Increasing string length for translation (Bug 12524122)Winson Chung2014-01-131-1/+1
* Updating assets and text for migration cling. (Bug 11973614)Winson Chung2014-01-101-5/+5
* Adding migration Clings. (Bug 11973614)Winson Chung2014-01-101-0/+8
* Revert "Revert "Move wallpaper picker code to a separate directory""Michael Jurka2013-12-111-32/+0
* Revert "Move wallpaper picker code to a separate directory"Michael Jurka2013-12-101-0/+32
* Move wallpaper picker code to a separate directoryMichael Jurka2013-12-101-32/+0
* Merge "Removing unused cling, tweaking translation character limits (Bug 1115...Winson Chung2013-10-311-9/+5
| * Removing unused cling, tweaking translation character limits (Bug 11151675)Winson Chung2013-10-221-9/+5
* | Make wallpaper picker/cropper more robust Michael Jurka2013-10-291-0/+8
* Update description for wallpaper accessibility announcement stringAlan Viverette2013-10-101-1/+1
* Fixing RTL issues with Clings. (Bug 11008488)Winson Chung2013-10-101-12/+12
* Announce wallpaper selection for accessibilityAlan Viverette2013-10-081-0/+2
* Add content description for wallpaper thumbsMichael Jurka2013-10-071-0/+3
* Tweaking clings again to support smaller folders (Bug 10965184)Winson Chung2013-10-011-1/+1
* Tweaking folder cling to support large folders.Winson Chung2013-09-261-4/+4
* Getting the Overview Mode to look up to specAdam Cohen2013-09-221-2/+2
* Initial changes to restore clings.Winson Chung2013-09-201-8/+14
* Update styling of tile to pick image as wallpaperMichael Jurka2013-09-181-2/+2
* Update to using new crop intentMichael Jurka2013-09-131-0/+2
* Adding ability to delete previously saved wallpapersMichael Jurka2013-09-121-0/+11
* Re-add string that's used as title of wallpaper pickerMichael Jurka2013-09-101-0/+2
* Create a separate wallpaper crop activityMichael Jurka2013-09-051-23/+0
* Added settings button to overview modeAdam Cohen2013-08-291-0/+2
* Initial implementation of new wallpaper picker.Michael Jurka2013-08-211-1/+3
* Adding overview mode for reordering, widget adding and wallpaper switchingAdam Cohen2013-08-131-0/+5
* Adding switch to toggle Memory OverlayAdam Cohen2013-07-191-0/+2
* New icon to dump heap information and share it.Daniel Sandler2013-06-171-0/+3
* Add a dummy activity which we can catch on-click in launcher to open allapps/...Adam Cohen2013-06-061-0/+2
* Launcher2 is now Launcher3.Daniel Sandler2013-06-051-1/+1
* Fix for bug #8456352 [BiDi][fa] Widget dimensions are RTL in FarsiFabrice Di Meglio2013-04-081-1/+2
* Add first RTL support to LauncherFabrice Di Meglio2013-01-231-2/+2