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* Reimplement CM Settings Overview Panel in the new Launcher Part 1Yvonne Wong2015-11-301-0/+10
* Reimplement the CM scrubber against the new Launchercretin452015-11-231-0/+6
* Implementation of folder animation changes as per cm-13.0Vineet Patil2015-11-181-1/+13
* resolved conflicts for merge of 13ef17a3 to mnc-dr-devHyunyoung Song2015-07-221-32/+13
* Using the default search widget in Launcher3Sunny Goyal2014-11-111-14/+0
* Add InsettableFrameLayout layout params to easily ignore insetsAdam Cohen2014-10-241-0/+4
* Adding ability to list folder items in separate fileAdam Cohen2014-10-171-0/+2
* Removing unused cling resources.Sunny Goyal2014-08-271-10/+0
* Updating Clings UISunny Goyal2014-08-271-7/+0
* Updating clings, removing ununsed clingsSunny Goyal2014-08-251-6/+4
* Updating the icon click feedbackSunny Goyal2014-08-191-1/+0
* Updating the virtual preloader UX.Sunny Goyal2014-08-111-0/+6
* Updating the widget trayAdam Cohen2014-08-111-5/+0
* Enabling quantum look and feel everywhereAdam Cohen2014-07-071-0/+6
* Fixing up PagedView to work in landscape modeAdam Cohen2013-10-311-2/+1
* Add support for <include> in workspace XML.Daniel Sandler2013-10-031-0/+3
* Merge "Initial Changes for Dynamic Grid" into jb-ub-gel-agarWinson Chung2013-08-201-3/+0
| * Initial Changes for Dynamic GridWinson Chung2013-08-201-3/+0
* | Modify qsb bar elements to handle hotword state.Cristina Stancu2013-08-161-0/+1
* Adding workaround for page indicators to support many pages.Winson Chung2013-07-181-0/+7
* Removing old scroll indicator and adding page indicator dots.Winson Chung2013-07-171-0/+2
* Delete unused class HandleViewBjorn Bringert2013-06-061-16/+0
* Fixing issue with resource ids. (Bug 6532243)Winson Chung2012-05-231-0/+6
* Updating how widget previews lookMichael Jurka2012-05-221-18/+0
* Sending broadcast for pre-configuring default workspace widgets.Winson Chung2012-05-011-0/+4
* Adding workaround to make voice button target area larger (Bug 5653332)Winson Chung2012-01-121-0/+7
* Merge "Fixing issue where AllApps labels were getting clipped (Bug: 5490118)"...Winson Chung2011-11-081-4/+4
| * Fixing issue where AllApps labels were getting clipped (Bug: 5490118)Winson Chung2011-11-081-4/+4
* | Altering touch feedback for qsb assets. (Bug: 5560273)Winson Chung2011-11-031-0/+6
* Updating Clings. (5057945, 5056643)Winson Chung2011-09-181-0/+4
* Cling ALL the things! (Workspace and AllApps)Winson Chung2011-08-221-0/+7
* Launcher cleanup and fixes.Winson Chung2011-07-251-0/+3
* Initial changes to add configurable hotseat.Winson Chung2011-07-201-0/+10
* Cleaning up dead code.Winson Chung2011-06-231-18/+0
* Removing the old page indicators at the bottom.Winson Chung2011-06-231-4/+0
* Tweaking launcher grid and spacing.Winson Chung2011-06-221-9/+2
* Replacing AllApps/Customize in tablet UI with Apps/Customize.Winson Chung2011-06-131-1/+0
* Removing wallpapers tab, adding shop icon back.Winson Chung2011-05-311-4/+0
* Adding Wallpapers tab.Winson Chung2011-05-121-1/+5
* Adding back the widgets pane to the merged AllApps.Winson Chung2011-04-281-0/+13
* Make customization drawer deal better with a small heightMichael Jurka2011-04-061-0/+1
* Adding background protection for AllApps.Winson Chung2011-03-041-0/+10
* Various tweaks to launcherWinson Chung2010-12-141-4/+0
* Differentiating max widget cell count and max wallpaper cell count in customi...Winson Chung2010-12-091-0/+2
* Adding outlines to side pages for widgets and wallpaper pages in the customiz...Winson Chung2010-12-011-0/+9
* Modifying wallpapers customization page to look like widgets.Winson Chung2010-11-101-9/+2
* Increasing icons for homescreen as well as as all-apps (temporarily until we ...Winson Chung2010-10-271-2/+0
* Altering homescreen spacing to match design.Winson Chung2010-10-241-0/+6
* More spacing changes for AllApps.Winson Chung2010-10-201-0/+5
* ->Added attribute to PagedView to specify spacing betweenAdam Cohen2010-10-051-0/+2