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* resolved conflicts for merge of 13ef17a3 to mnc-dr-devHyunyoung Song2015-07-223-27/+1
* Merge "Removing landscape string overrides" into ub-now-queensSunny Goyal2014-10-271-23/+0
| * Removing landscape string overridesSunny Goyal2014-10-231-23/+0
* | Some resource fixes for drop targetSunny Goyal2014-10-231-11/+9
* Removing all traces of Market button and TabIndicatorSunny Goyal2014-10-171-4/+0
* Removing unused cling resources.Sunny Goyal2014-08-271-2/+0
* Fixing drop targets in phone / small tablet landscape (issue 12192781)Adam Cohen2014-01-141-4/+0
* Removed paddingStart and paddingEnd when they are the same.Yura2014-01-071-2/+2
* Adjusting grid for tablets and fixing incorrect resources for large tablets.Winson Chung2013-12-101-2/+0
* Fixing regression in drop target bar height. (Bug 11980757)Winson Chung2013-12-041-1/+1
* Fixing up PagedView to work in landscape modeAdam Cohen2013-10-311-5/+0
* Initial changes to restore AllApps.Winson Chung2013-09-051-11/+0
* Initial Changes for Dynamic GridWinson Chung2013-08-203-60/+0
* Making folders scrollableAdam Cohen2013-06-061-3/+5
* Add first RTL support to LauncherFabrice Di Meglio2013-01-231-5/+5
* Updating launcher layouts (Bug 6955380)Winson Chung2012-09-271-2/+2
* Initial changes for new 10inch layout.Winson Chung2012-08-081-5/+1
* Synchronizing on the new-apps list before modifying it. (Bug 6621553)Winson Chung2012-06-061-2/+0
* Fixing issue where landscape delete button is not centered. (Bug 6493651)Winson Chung2012-05-151-3/+3
* Tweaking the qsb padding to push icons in.Winson Chung2012-05-101-0/+2
* Refactoring dimens for cell size / gapAdam Cohen2012-04-271-2/+6
* Refactoring padding dimens for CellLayouts and WorkspaceAdam Cohen2012-04-262-14/+13
* Fixing some issues/regressions related to scaled icons.Winson Chung2012-03-081-1/+1
* Fix a lot of easy lint issuesMichael Jurka2012-02-241-4/+0
* Merge "Forcing tabs to be single line and width bound (Bug 5646142)" into ics...Winson Chung2011-11-281-0/+6
| * Forcing tabs to be single line and width bound (Bug 5646142)Winson Chung2011-11-281-0/+6
* | Fixing a few landscape issues.Winson Chung2011-11-281-1/+3
* Minor fixes to LauncherWinson Chung2011-11-181-5/+0
* Modifying portals in landscape on the phone UIAdam Cohen2011-11-151-0/+5
* Fixing issue where AllApps labels were getting clipped (Bug: 5490118)Winson Chung2011-11-081-2/+0
* Fixing issue where holographic outlines were offset when dragging from/to fol...Winson Chung2011-10-191-0/+2
* Issue 5218087, HONEYCOMB_MR2 -> ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH for widget paddingAdam Cohen2011-09-192-4/+4
* Updating Clings. (5057945, 5056643)Winson Chung2011-09-181-0/+2
* Updating the qsb. (5051804)Winson Chung2011-09-161-0/+4
* Disable fading of side pages on phones. (5270754)Winson Chung2011-09-132-2/+2
* Adjusting auto-padding of widgets, issue 5180178Adam Cohen2011-09-011-0/+4
* Tweaking grid spacing (5162387)Winson Chung2011-08-293-2/+29
* Fixing folder icon in landscape, issue 5135333Adam Cohen2011-08-231-0/+4
* Tweaking widget grid to show more itemsWinson Chung2011-08-111-1/+1
* Making hotseat a fiver.Winson Chung2011-08-081-2/+2
* Grid spacing fixesWinson Chung2011-08-041-3/+14
* Adding ability to add to hotseat from spring loaded mode (5064141).Winson Chung2011-07-292-2/+10
* Fixing minor bugs (5085316, 5082963, 5042828)Winson Chung2011-07-271-4/+4
* Launcher cleanup and fixes.Winson Chung2011-07-252-22/+4
* Initial changes to add configurable hotseat.Winson Chung2011-07-201-5/+1
* Fxing issues with the scroll barWinson Chung2011-07-191-0/+2
* Cleaning up some drop-target issues.Winson Chung2011-07-121-0/+5
* Fixing issues with spring loaded adding.Winson Chung2011-07-112-9/+18
* Tweaking AppsCustomize spacing to match CellLayout.Winson Chung2011-06-301-6/+6
* Making drop target smaller in landscape.Winson Chung2011-06-281-0/+2