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* Updating hotseat/qsb background gradients.Winson Chung2012-05-091-0/+0
* Moving hotseat and qsb gradients up a level. (Bug 6406475)Winson Chung2012-05-033-0/+0
* Tweaking size of QSB and updating cling assets.Winson Chung2011-09-284-0/+0
* A few new launcher assetsAdam Cohen2011-09-262-0/+0
* Updating Clings. (5057945, 5056643)Winson Chung2011-09-182-0/+0
* Updating the qsb. (5051804)Winson Chung2011-09-161-0/+0
* Updating assets.Winson Chung2011-09-143-0/+0
* Grid spacing fixesWinson Chung2011-08-041-0/+0
* Launcher cleanup and fixes.Winson Chung2011-07-254-0/+0
* Initial changes to add configurable hotseat.Winson Chung2011-07-201-0/+0
* Adding QSBWinson Chung2011-05-261-0/+0
* Updated hotseat artwork.Daniel Sandler2010-04-283-0/+0
* New Launcher feature: "hotseat" icons.Daniel Sandler2010-04-233-0/+0
* Launcher2 - remove unused resources and make it not crash in landscape.Joe Onorato2009-10-068-0/+0
* High-resolution (hdpi) artwork from TAT for Launcher.Joe Onorato2009-09-218-0/+0