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* Guard against null default wallpaperChristoph Studer2014-03-031-9/+15
* Fixed visibility issue of save button in case the url loading failedSelim Cinek2014-02-251-0/+1
* Catch exceptions if Exif is malformedMichael Jurka2014-01-232-0/+9
* Disable Set Wallpaper button while loading imageMichael Jurka2014-01-172-0/+9
* Keep selected wallpaper on configuration change.Jorim Jaggi2014-01-141-7/+15
* Add ability to center the crop (disabled)Michael Jurka2014-01-141-5/+15
* Move saved wallpaper images from cache directory to data directoryMichael Jurka2014-01-091-1/+13
* Clean up importsMichael Jurka2013-12-133-5/+0
* Create separate project for Wallpaper PickerMichael Jurka2013-12-1342-0/+14029