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* Version code cleanupSunny Goyal2015-08-172-8/+4
* Ensure that crop view is loaded before applying a wallpaperSunny Goyal2015-08-121-1/+2
* Preventing user from selecting any new time, when a tile is already being app...Sunny Goyal2015-08-101-0/+4
* Fix issue where scroll container shadow didn't fade outAdam Cohen2015-08-031-9/+11
* Avoid crashing if we don't have the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissionAdam Cohen2015-06-231-0/+13
* Read rotation setting correctly from the wallpaper picker.Rahul Chaturvedi2015-06-151-1/+1
* Merge "Stylus support: creating and setting listeners for stylus button press...Mady Mellor2015-06-031-0/+10
| * Stylus support: creating and setting listeners for stylus button pressMady Mellor2015-06-021-0/+10
* | Add the Allow Rotation setting to Launcher3.Rahul Chaturvedi2015-06-011-1/+6
* Enabling setWallpaper button only if the image was loaded successfullySunny Goyal2015-05-212-4/+9
* Verify that an image can be rendered on a GL Surface before using itSunny Goyal2015-05-182-8/+4
* Various lint error fixes.Sunny Goyal2015-05-142-3/+9
* Merge "Revert "Revert "Disable setWallpaper button until the wallpaper is loa...Sunny Goyal2015-04-151-30/+41
| * Revert "Revert "Disable setWallpaper button until the wallpaper is loaded" Wi...Sunny Goyal2015-04-151-30/+41
* | Merge "Revert "Disable setWallpaper button until the wallpaper is loaded" Wil...Sunny Goyal2015-04-151-41/+30
| * Revert "Disable setWallpaper button until the wallpaper is loaded"Sunny Goyal2015-04-151-41/+30
* | Merge "Disable setWallpaper button until the wallpaper is loaded" into ub-lau...Sunny Goyal2015-04-151-30/+41
| * Disable setWallpaper button until the wallpaper is loadedSunny Goyal2015-04-151-30/+41
* | Remove usage of FloatMathNeil Fuller2015-04-151-3/+2
* Adding BaseActivity which can be overriden for custom behaviorSunny Goyal2015-03-216-59/+80
* Removing all dependencies of launcher code on wallpaper-pickerSunny Goyal2015-03-203-42/+37
* Reducing method count by eliminating synthetic accessorsAdam Cohen2015-03-204-24/+30
* Cleaning up some resources in WallpaperPickerActivitySunny Goyal2015-02-264-92/+15
* Picking a bitmap to reuse where least pixels are wastedSunny Goyal2015-02-251-8/+13
* Reducing memory usage of wallpaper pickerSunny Goyal2015-02-242-82/+189
* Merge "Moving some files and methods around" into ub-launcher3-masterSunny Goyal2015-02-202-544/+24
| * Moving some files and methods aroundSunny Goyal2015-02-122-544/+24
* | Merge "Fixing logic to determine if wallpaper change." into ub-launcher3-masterSunny Goyal2015-02-202-28/+4
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Fixing logic to determine if wallpaper change.Sunny Goyal2015-02-122-28/+4
* | Fixing last image thumb, being loaded twiceSunny Goyal2015-02-121-2/+1
* Add more Launcher files to delete on Clear Launcher DataHelena Josol2014-10-162-7/+5
* Create a central list of files the Launcher writes to the app directoryHelena Josol2014-10-061-4/+5
* Add ability for Partner customization apk to override certain DeviceProfile p...Adam Cohen2014-09-042-107/+1
* Saving the system wallpaper thumbnail prefixed by the SDK_INTSunny Goyal2014-08-131-8/+20
* Autoinstalls loading xmlSunny Goyal2014-08-121-20/+4
* Add partner customization option to force first run flowAdam Cohen2014-08-081-0/+8
* Fix SecurityException when exiting wallpaper picker earlyAdam Cohen2014-07-241-4/+18
* Merge "Adding options in the partner apk to disable the default wallpaper and...Sunny Goyal2014-07-234-87/+109
| * Adding options in the partner apk to disable the default wallpaper andSunny Goyal2014-07-164-87/+109
* | Fixing memory leak in WallpaperCropActivitySunny Goyal2014-07-221-0/+8
* Add method to check if there is a partner folderAdam Cohen2014-06-121-0/+6
* Add null check for empty MediaStore cursorAdam Cohen2014-06-121-5/+8
* Adding ability for partners to specify a default layoutAdam Cohen2014-06-021-0/+7
* Check before suggesting default wallpaper dimensionsAdam Cohen2014-05-211-4/+15
* Move into the Wallpaper directory.Sameer Padala2014-05-021-0/+84
* Add support for partner customization.Jeff Sharkey2014-04-221-11/+18
* Fixed crash when setting wallpaper with built in rotationSelim Cinek2014-03-271-7/+8
* Fixed wallpaper bug where wrong size was taken when croppingSelim Cinek2014-03-241-3/+5
* Fixed a crash when an image with an odd width/height was selectedSelim Cinek2014-03-141-0/+8
* Catching security exception when activity destroyedSelim Cinek2014-03-051-1/+15