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FastBitmapDrawable can draw an icon badge (notification count)
- Added BadgeInfo to contain data to be shown in a badge (currently just notification count). - Added BadgeRenderer in DeviceProfile to contain things relevant to drawing the badge, such as size and Paint's. - Added IconPalette to compute colors for the badge based on a dominant color (will also be used for notifications) - FastBitmapDrawable uses these classes to draw the badge. Bug: 32410600 Change-Id: I6595a4879943357590f7d20c22594691a573ecaf
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@@ -169,6 +169,10 @@
also happens to equal 19dp-->
<dimen name="deep_shortcuts_arrow_horizontal_offset">19dp</dimen>
+<!-- Icon badges (with notification counts) -->
+ <dimen name="badge_size">24dp</dimen>
+ <dimen name="badge_text_size">12dp</dimen>
<!-- Other -->
<!-- Approximates the system status bar height. Not guaranteed to be always be correct. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_height">24dp</dimen>