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Update pre-drag lifecycle for apps with shortcuts.
- First of all, deferred drag has been renamed to pre-drag to avoid confusion with the existing deferred end drag. - For normal drags, the cycle is still startDrag --> onDragStart --> onDrop --> onDropComplete --> onDragEnd. - Pre-drags have two additional callbacks: onPreDragStart and onPreDragEnd. onPreDragStart is called between startDrag and onDragStart, and onPreDragEnd is called at the same time as onDragStart or onDragEnd. - If the pre-drag has not transitioned to a full drag before onDragEnd, onDragStart and onDropComplete are skipped (onDrop is still called to allow the DragView to animate). Change-Id: Icd7a8f75d5fcc159f9a52758c22ab6eae3edb9e2
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<dimen name="bg_pill_height">48dp</dimen>
<dimen name="bg_pill_radius">24dp</dimen>
<dimen name="deep_shortcuts_spacing">4dp</dimen>
- <dimen name="deferred_drag_view_scale">6dp</dimen>
+ <dimen name="pre_drag_view_scale">6dp</dimen>
<!-- an icon with shortcuts must be dragged this far before the container is removed. -->
<dimen name="deep_shortcuts_start_drag_threshold">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="deep_shortcut_icon_size">36dp</dimen>