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Fixing some issues/regressions related to scaled icons.
- Fixes issue with folder icons being clipped in landscape in sw720dp (Bug: 6118397) - Fixes issue with divider being in wrong orientation in sw720dp - Fixes issue with scaled icons not being drawn with filtering - Fixes issue with side pages showing under the hotseat when in landscape in phone UI - Animates the drag view on pick up and drop Change-Id: Iad26427ec63fcbc9bdb3b29a4645689ba445d5c8
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diff --git a/res/values-sw720dp/dimens.xml b/res/values-sw720dp/dimens.xml
index 0fb8d3396..62bf9a862 100644
--- a/res/values-sw720dp/dimens.xml
+++ b/res/values-sw720dp/dimens.xml
@@ -27,6 +27,9 @@
<dimen name="workspace_cell_width">96dip</dimen>
<dimen name="workspace_cell_height">96dip</dimen>
+ <dimen name="folder_cell_width">96dp</dimen>
+ <dimen name="folder_cell_height">96dp</dimen>
<!-- AppsCustomize -->
<integer name="apps_customize_maxCellCountX">-1</integer>
<integer name="apps_customize_maxCellCountY">-1</integer>
@@ -49,5 +52,5 @@
<!-- When dragging items on the workspace, the number of dps by which the position of
the drag view should be offset from the position of the original view. -->
<dimen name="dragViewOffsetX">0dp</dimen>
- <dimen name="dragViewOffsetY">-12dp</dimen>
+ <dimen name="dragViewOffsetY">0dp</dimen>