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committerRahul Chaturvedi <>2015-06-01 16:50:50 -0400
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Add the Allow Rotation setting to Launcher3.
This CL adds a Settings activity along with the code needed to provide a "Allow Rotation" setting to all phones and tablets. This setting is set to false for phones and true for tablets. On changing the setting from unlocked to locked, the launcher (and the Settings activity) will get locked to the orientation the user was in when he disabled "Allow Rotation". This is consistent with how the natural rotation feature of Android works. Change-Id: I8a1c59d1fa0bb9262530cad96e0a9bdbab0d9344
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diff --git a/WallpaperPicker/src/com/android/launcher3/ b/WallpaperPicker/src/com/android/launcher3/
index 3f90203ed..659c3062b 100644
--- a/WallpaperPicker/src/com/android/launcher3/
+++ b/WallpaperPicker/src/com/android/launcher3/
@@ -1132,6 +1132,11 @@ public class WallpaperPickerActivity extends WallpaperCropActivity {
public boolean enableRotation() {
- return Utilities.isRotationEnabled(getContext());
+ // Check if rotation is enabled for this device.
+ if (Utilities.isRotationAllowedForDevice(getContext()))
+ return true;
+ // Check if the user has specifically enabled rotation via preferences.
+ return Utilities.isAllowRotationPrefEnabled(getApplicationContext());