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New launcher2 icon migration algorithm.
The user will be able to request "icon migration", which is not a direct mapping of the old workspace, but rather follows this heuristic for bringing the user's favorite icons (by dint of their existence on the workspace) into Launcher3: Workspace shortcuts are placed in lexicographic order on the workspace starting at screen 0 (leaving the bottom row of screen 0 empty to make sure there's room to move things around). Folders are preserved and their contents sorted. Duplicate icons (that is, shortcuts with the same intent, pursuant to some cleanups) are removed. Hotseat icons are migrated in their original place, unless their new location is not accommodated by the hotseat (i.e. the L3 hotseat is too small on this device), in which case they're treated like any other shortcut and tossed into the workspace. To test, turn on Launcher.ENABLE_DEBUG_INTENTS and then: $ adb shell am broadcast -a $ adb shell am broadcast -a Bug: 12416411 Change-Id: Ia5c56f36c11455867ea20a39f70210f595020a87
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