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Enabling accessible drag and drop
-> Using the context menu, and a new two stage system, this allows users to curate icons and widgets on the workspace -> Move icons / widgets to any empty cell on any existing screen, or create a new screen (appended to the right, as with regular drag and drop) -> Move icons into existing folders -> Create folders by moving an icon onto another icon -> Also added confirmations for these and some existing accessibility actions Limitations: -> Currently, no support for drag and drop in folders -> Considering moving the drag view so it doesn't occlude any content (in particular, when user changes pages) -> In this mode, accessibility framework seems to have problems with the next / prev operations Bug: 18482913 Change-Id: I19b0be9dc8bfa766d430408c8ad9303c716b89b2
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@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@ include $(CLEAR_VARS)
+LOCAL_STATIC_JAVA_LIBRARIES := android-support-v4
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(call all-java-files-under, src) \
$(call all-java-files-under, WallpaperPicker/src) \
$(call all-renderscript-files-under, src) \